Want to Know Who is Tracking You Online?

In the world of networking, there are many sites, agencies, apps and others tracking your online activity secretly, without your knowledge.

So in this post I shall be putting light on and help you know and keep a track of your online trackers who track your online activities.

Method 1: By adding browser extensions

There are many browser extensions that help you know as to who is tracking you right now. Some of the most popular and effective extensions have been listed below.


This extension is the successor of Collusion, a previously used extension for the same purpose. This extension shows a graph of interactions and connections of the sites the user has visited and the tracking sites to which they provide information. Apart from these, it also provides graphs on recent sites visited, last 10 sites, daily and weekly visited sites.

“Collusion will allow us to pull back the curtain and provide users with more information about the growing role of third parties, how data drives most Web experiences, and ultimately how little control we have over that experience and our loss of data.” Kovacs wrote in a Mozilla blog post about the TED talk

Browsers supported: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (Collusion)


This is an excellent extension for chrome users as it gives you many options. With this extension, you can block a tracker either temporarily or permanently. It allows you to pause blocking as well, i.e. you can let a tracker track you with your knowledge.

Now why would I let someone track me?

Ans) Advertising sites track your activity and provide you ads based on your location.

Browsers Supported: Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Other Similar Extensions:

These apps have been listed based on their ratings, so follow the order.

  1. Disconnect
  2. Privacy Badger
  3. RequestPolicy
  4. DoNotTrackMe
  5. TrackMeNot

Method 2: By checking your smartphone

For all those who use es file explorer or other file managing apps, you can check your phone for any unnecessary files or folders with unique or unfamiliar names (eg: spy, stealth, mobilespy etc.). If you find any such file, delete it immediately as there could be a possibility of an unknown spying app running on your phone without your knowledge.

There are also methods to prevent such types of trackings. Some are provided by the extensions themselves while others in case of phones include resetting your phone to default factory settings.

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