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The Internet is not a safe place as it seems to be. The best example would be Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, who still uses a duct tape to cover the camera and microphone of his computer.

Not necessarily meaning that every user would face the same threat, the data sent from the user’s computer can be used in a negative way.

Everybody wants to have some privacy and nobody would like their usage data to be shared. Even the sites like Facebook can sense the websites and the actions you take.

Thus, it becomes increasingly evident that a Virtual private network is the need of the hour.

A virtual Private network makes it tricky and almost impossible for the tracking agencies to find the user’s data.

List of 12 Best VPN Services



NordVPN is easily one of the easiest set up VPNs out there and also the best free vpn mac. This Virtual private network supports more than just computers and smart phones.

The top end subscription offers blazing fast servers which are also secure as a fortress. But the lower end offers slow servers and the lack of session specific data is quite disheartening.

A VPN of this magnitude which could not block advertisement trackers is also a shocker. Still, NordVPN is easily a safe decision to protect the user in all online activities.

Private Internet access VPN

Private Internet access VPN

Pretty straight forward name and it is not disappointing either. The most loved feature with this VPN is the one click activation and the connection process is almost instantaneous.

The VPN kill switch also comes handy when browsing trusted sources. The most requested feature to the founders is the “try and buy” so that the users can see for themselves whether this VPN is tailor made for their purposes.



This is the one stop solution for all the internet users. It is not exaggeration when it is claimed that Spotflux offers all round safety and security for internet users be it Mac, Windows or Android, Spotflux offers exceptional output and the only drawback is that the user does not get to dabble with the server list which are only U.S based.

The added malware protection works like a charm but not enough.

Hide My Ass (HMA)

Hide My Ass

Let us stick with the abbreviated form. For those who would want the proper name, it is Hide My Ass.

Surprisingly, for a name that looks like it has been formed by a group of amateurs, the HMA VPN is superfast and offers almost 900 servers to choose from.

The VPN offers servers from almost all countries on planet Earth. The speed test integration comes in handy but all of this comes for an expensive price tag.

Bottom line is that: it is a name that can be trusted when it comes to free vpn proxy.



Anonymizer stores no logs – IP addresses or time stamps. Anonymizer also features a bulk email system that in no way would sneak a peek into the individual e-mail address of the client.

Unlike majority of the VPN Providers, the Anonymizer runs on a ticket system that seldom offers verification – only in rare cases when it becomes totally necessary to support a ticket.

Apart from the clunky user interface, there is not much of complaints to be made.



This one stays true to its name. Its fluid smooth and the VPN service offered are pretty straightforward.

One bummer is that it uses Google Analytics to monitor basic traffic monitoring.

This lets down the name as the one that opts for external services for tackling primitive tasks.

SlickVPN accepts multiple payment options like BitCoins, PayPal and even Money orders.



Like the Anonymizer, this is another no log VPN service. It has a brilliant track record of being a simple and effective user interface.

They do not store, stream or host any content and are known to be the second best vpn for torrenting.

Another important feature in this VPN service is the kill switch that offers one click termination and connection of a virtual private network.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN

This VPN service stole the limelight with its split tunnelling feature.

The Split tunnelling is nothing but the user’s liberty to allocate accesses to different data needs. For instance, data hungry applications can be configured to use all the accesses they want while the secure applications can be directed through a dedicated pathway.

For a few extra bucks, the Pure VPN offers a dedicated IP address which could have been given free after considering the fact that there is neither a free version nor a trial version. All it offers is a seven day money back guarantee.

Private Tunnel VPN

Private Tunnel VPN

Private Tunnel is the real gentleman among all VPN services. Private Tunnel is very genuine in its billing process, that it charges the user only for the data used by the user through its VPN service.

The business model is quite beneficial for the users too. For every referred friend who uses Private Tunnel VPN, the user who referred gets 200 MB data added to the free quota, in addition to the 100 MB data free already.

You can download this free vpn from their main site itself.

Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost

This is a pretty impressive and the best free vpn for torrenting, considering the features it comes packed with.

It comes coupled with a browser session so that there is no need of the two actions – start Browser and start VPN.

Instead of that, it is just one click doing the trick. The VPN service also keeps people obsessed with streaming media in mind and does its best to unblock the media content, and that too in one simple click.

In countries where censorship is pretty stringent, the Cyber Ghost will look like the saviour knight in a unicorn as it provides free protection against surveillance and censorship.


These are the Best VPN Services on the internet. The user may have different uses and it is wise to choose one that would suit the needs and not to go just by the name alone.

The mere download and installation of a VPN will never substitute or eliminate basic internet security measures.

The users are advised to run through basic precautions to be taken while in internet.


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