Apps Like Uber: Top And Best Alternatives

Apps like uber have considerably grown and reached most of the places in the world. With the increased popularity, more services and challenges have come up.

There are other ride-providing services like Uber, Ola, Easycab, Taxiforsure, etc. that allow users to book a cab from their location to the desired destination without any hassle.

Cab booking services Like Uber are in demand and we are here with the list of apps that work similar to Uber in terms of service and comfort.

Why go for Uber Alternatives?

Uber is developing day by day and with recent updates we also get to see an exact uber estimate fare which is not at all transparent as you do not get to see or calculate the ride amount.

So, this is one reason why you should be looking out for other uber like services.

Also, recently we get to see uber’s driverless cars doing the rounds and there are accidents being reported.

So, if you do not wish to risk your lives by letting a program drive the vehicle for you, you can always look for other taxi service providers in your area that have real drivers who drive the cab.

Below are some of the best cab service providers just like uber

1. Lyft (popular in the US)

Lyft - Taxi App Alternative

This cab-booking service is almost similar to Uber but is prevalent only in 65 cities of the USA.

This app ensures comfortable, safer, and easier rides. If we talk of service, then Lyft is proved to be better than Uber. It has been reported that the average booking time for this app is 6 seconds or sometimes less than that too.

You can either book Lyft, Lyft Plus or Lyft Line service where Lyft Plus service allows you to ride with a group of 6 friends.

Install (Android, iPhone)

2. Hailo (UK-based cab booking service)

This cab booking service is again similar to Uber but exists only in cities of the UK.

Earlier this app used to offer services to book privately owned cars but soon a backfire from the taxi unions gave this app a setback. Now the app is growing and has set its base in different cities of the UK.

This cab-booking app is one of the popular and fastest growing apps in the UK.

Hailo - The Taxi Booking App

Install (Android, iPhone)

3. Ola Cabs (Indian cab-booking app)

Ola is a well-known app in India. It has been giving Uber a close competition.

This cab booking app has bought TaxiForSure, that is known to be one of the biggest cab-booking service providers in India and a rival to apps like ola and uber.

Ola cabs - Book taxi in India

This app successfully covers more than 80 cities in India and has more than a million users. You might know Ola for the lowest fare but it is worth saying that the app provides one of the safest and reliable journey experiences to the rider. Just like uber, it provides all the facilities of uber like wifi, credit card payments, Air conditioning, ride sharing and much more.

Install (Android, iPhone, Windows)

4. Grab (popular in South-East Asia region)

If you are living in South-Eastern countries, then Grab is one of the best options for you to book a cab of your choice.

It provides services like GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabBike, GrabExpress and GrabHitch.

It ensures the safety of the passengers by screening the drivers before hiring, providing them safety training.


You can also check the reviews of this app on playstore for second opinion.

You can easily find GrabTaxi in 21 different cities of 6 different countries based in the Southeastern Asiatic region.

Install (Android, iPhone)

5. Easy Taxi (prevelant in Portugal)

This app provides it service in almost 420 cities and 30 different countries worldwide. If you are searching for good alternatives to Uber, then this is a must try.

It employs over 400,000 taxi drivers globally and offers one of the best taxi ride experience ever.

When you enter this app, you would be asked to enter your destination address and a calculator would display an estimated fare of your travel.

Easy - taxi, car, ridesharing

This taxi booking app’s service is clear and transparent so you can book it without any hassle.

Install (Android, iPhone, Windows)

6. Didi Dache (prevalent in China)

Didi Dache

This app is similar to Uber but is functional only in China. This app covers almost 300 different cities.

Recently, officially it was announced that the app merged with one of the biggest giants of China, Kuaidi Dache in order to expand its horizon in China.

Although you may find its fare comparatively higher but the quality and the service it provides is totally unbeatable.

7. Gett (cab-booking service in the US)

This cab-booking service is available in the US. When Uber started increasing its fares, this app improved its services and started providing one of the best cab services in different cities of the US.

According to the recent news, this app reduced its fare by almost 25%, if the rides are booked through NYC.

Gett - NYC Black Car App

Install (Android, iPhone)

8. LeCab (prevalent in Paris)

Do you know Uber is banned in some cities of France including Paris?

If you want to hire a cab in Paris then you can go for one of the services like uber  i.e. LeCabs.

LeCabs has become one of the fastest growing cabs booking app especially in the capital city of France. It covers 22 cities in France and employs over 8000 drivers and has a loyal customer base of 400000.

LeCab – VTC, private driver

Install (Android, iPhone, Windows)

9. Cabify (across the world)

This app works great on Android and iOS devices. You can quickly book your cab with just two taps on your device.

You get an option to travel via fixed or transparent rates. So, a traveler is on the safer side and no driver or the app can fool him or her by charging meaningless fares.

Cabify - Your private driver

You can track your ride right from the time you book it to the time you end it.

Install (Android, iPhone)

10. Bitaksi (taxi-booking service in Istanbul)

Bitaksi, one of the popular taxi-booking apps in Istanbul. This app employee over 34,000 taxi drivers.

The best part of downloading this app is that it allows cashless payment. Its built-in credit card payment system has improved the app’s efficiency to a considerable level.

BiTaksi - Cebindeki Taksi

Install (Android, iPhone)

11. goCatch (prevalent in Australia)

This is one of the premium taxi booking app like uber, that is available in Australia. The best part of hiring a cab through this app is that the driver doesn’t charge anything extra.

If you have ever booked a cab through this app, you might have seen the cab driver charge as per the meter.

This ensures the rider that the charging system is transparent as it is in front of the them.

GoCatch Taxi & Rideshare

Install (Android, iPhone)

12. Ingogo (prevalent in Australia)

Another taxi service provider that is very popular in Australia.

Ingogo allows passengers to book a taxi for a maximum duration of up to 48 hours prior to traveling.

Its Charging system is transparent so a rider can relax and travel worry-free.

ingogo - Fixed Fares for Taxis

The management system of this taxi-riding app is centralized so everything is safe and efficient enough to save a good amount of time and money.

This app also allows you to keep a live track of your journey.

Install (Android, iPhone)


Above are the top 12 Cab-booking apps similar to Uber in different parts of the world.

If you want to have a safe and economical journey, and are looking out for other services like uber, then you can book your cab through the service providers mentioned above that best suits your needs and requirements.

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    Cool article. After I deleted Uber I started to use another app that you didn’t mention. Its called RideYellow and it is pretty popular in SoCal. They give me 25% off in Long Beach and 33% off in San Diego! If you want to check them out and maybe include in the article, here is their site:

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