Tips & Tricks To Buy Domain Names For Dirt Cheap!

Learn some tips and tricks to buy domain names for dirt cheap in this article. Sometimes domain’s prices may vary depending on the domain registrar you choose or the time when you decide to buy domains.

Here in this article, I’ll show you some easy methods to save money while buying domains of your choices.

Method 1: Buy domains from your local domain registrar

Buying domains from your local registrar might be cheap for you as there might be a fixed price for it. Buying domains from international registrars might cast you more because of the varying exchange rates. So, for example, suppose I’m buying a domain from an XYZ company that provides Domain registration service in the USA and I’m buying it from INDIA. Suppose the XYZ company allows you to register a domain at $1 but at that time the exchange rates are at new heights. So, in spite of the domain being cheaper, it will be costlier for you as you are buying it for a higher exchange rate.

There are some registrars like Godaddy that provide domain registering in your own preferred currency as they provide their service in most of the countries.

Method 2: Using coupons

Coupons can come handy when you are purchasing domains at a time when there are no festive offers going on. So, always keep looking for coupons, as they can save you some extra bucks.

Method 3: Registering with a new registrar every time

Registrars might offer some really good promotional offers for first-time users and we are here to take full advantage of this. So, registering your favourite domain with a new registrar will not harm your site in any way, but might add up some money to your savings.

Some registrars providing promotional offers are: Godaddy, Namecheap, Dreamhost and 1&1

Method 4: Getting a free domain with Hosting

Yes, you heard it right! A free domain. If you look at the next step of buying a domain, you will find that some of the hosting services do provide a free domain registration for a year as a part of their promotional offer. The only drawback of this is, that you might not get the desirable domain extension that you might be looking for. Extensions like .com, .net and .org might not be available for registration. You will have to buy them.

Some hosting services that provide a free domain are: Bluehost, Siteground and Dreamhost Protection Status

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