Tinder Select: A Version Only For Celebs And Important Figures?

Tinder has become a very well-known dating app. It can be even called the biggest dating app, given a large number of people using it.

It has now launched a service called Tinder Select which is a member’s only version of the popular platform.

This service is meant for CEOs, super models and in general people who are hyperactive and upwardly affluent. It is basically for people who are celebrities and do really well on Tinder.

It is now known that tinder has invited people onto the platforms who it thinks are good enough for the exclusive service.

Some chosen people who have been invited to this service to have the ability to nominate the people who they think are worthy of being on the platform. The people who are nominated however can’t nominate others. This is meant to keep the number of people using this platform in check.

The criteria as to who gets to be on the platform are not clear and it hasn’t been revealed by the company as well. The common idea however is that very attractive people with money are allowed to be on the platform.

Tinder Elo which is an algorithmic rating given to tinder users based on their interaction with and on the app could be the decider of who gets an invite from Tinder select but it is not confirmed by the company yet.

The photos that have been obtained of the new app look better than the one which it is based on.

The app features a navy blue S on top of the app which lets the users know that this is the tinder select app that they are using. The user can select between the regular app and the tinder select by toggling between them from the top of the screen.

Tinder Select

It has been in the service for about 7 months now and there is no immediate plan to announce the service for all. This has infuriated some user base of tinder as no one likes to be out of the elite services based on beauty and money.

One thing that the reader must know is that it isn’t the first time that a dating app has tried to create another platform for the elite users.

One such app is Raya which lets only people with massive Instagram following, creative jobs and references inside the community to join.

This has however flown under the radar as not many people get to know about this since most people don’t get the invite to join.

Another app to go similar path was The League which used the data from LinkedIn to determine who was worthy enough to join the platform. That app got a lot of backlash from the online community for being partial to the majority of population.

Tinder as of now is not sure of rolling it to the masses and it’s online for 7 months now and if it truly wanted to do so it could have done way earlier.

It has created a very stealthy platform for the 1% of its elite users to get a service which most people don’t get through the basic tinder app.

Keeping it a secret increases its exclusivity and the feeling of superiority among the people who are invited.

It is to be seen how the general majority reacts once it gets out and more people come to know about this.

Tinder has declined to comment on this issue as it thinks it’s not worth discussing.


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