How Branto’s Smart Home Orb Can Help You Live a Better Life

A new addition to the smart home devices family called branto’s smart home orb is simply smart as the name itself suggests and an amazing gadget worth having at home. For those who do not know what this device exactly is, let me explain to you about it in detail.

This gadget serves as a spy, security, connector, entertainer, home controller etc. Its multipurpose feature makes it cut above the rest.


  1. It has a ball like structure and is small in size. So this makes it easy for users to port it from one place to another.

  2. The outer surface looks quite shiny and has a perfect finish. The ball like structure of branto is divided into two parts horizontally slicing its structure right from the middle.

  3. Branto features a 1080p HD rotatable cameras. It has two cameras each of it covering an angular view of 180 degrees to provide an overall 360 degrees view and they are very easy to use.

  4. It also has speakers and microphones that let you chat and hear to people around the device via your phone.

  5. It has an Inter cellular module and it can work even if there is not current at your place, thanks to its battery support.


1. Audio streaming: It can play music, audiobooks, radio etc. from the playlist on your phone when connected to it. It has its own speakers and if that audio range does not satisfy you then it also allows you to connect to external speakers.

2. Remote presence: Branto enables you to remotely be present at home even if you are nowhere around the device. It streams all the environment around it directly to your phone and gives you a home like feeling no matter where you are. But make sure that you are connected to the net.

3. Video conferencing: Attending conferences without actually being present there, this feature is also provided in this small gadget. This device connects to the TV, so that your image can be visible to other people in the hall. Also they can be visible to you via branto’s camera.

4. Security: Branto also serves for security purposes as said earlier. It has a night vision camera and can detect the slightest movements and sounds even in dark. Apart from detecting the suspicious activities, it also records them and notifies you.

5. Smart controller: It can control many appliances like the lights, locks, air conditioners etc. and these can be turned on or off from your phone. So if you are not at home and want the home to be filled with lightening and your favourite music being played, then you can get it done accordingly and by the tie you reach home, you will find your home perfectly set for your arrival.

6. Inter linking: As a single branto cannot cover the entire house, you will have to use more than one in order to have an eye on the entire house and so multiple brantos can be linked to each other via their inter cellular module technology.

7. Battery support: This device is never offline, even if the wi-fi at your place goes down, this is because of its battery support.


  1. Need a few more sensors.

  2. One device cannot cover the entire house.

  3. Needs to be kept safely as it is quite small in size.

Overall this device is pretty cool and quite cheap (i.e. $399) when compared to other devices that serve just one or two purpose.

Shubham Agarwal

Shubham Agarwal is a Tech Maniac and a Gadget Freak. He is mostly interested in coding and programming apps, computer software and teaching people tricks that they can implement in their day to day life.

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