Peanut, The New Tinder For Moms Looking To Make New Friends

Being a parent is very fulfilling and brings happiness to the family, however at many times being a parent could be distressing.

It distances a person from their friends as new responsibilities arrive with the birth of a child.

There is hardly any time left for the parents as the newly born child is prioritized the most.

This sometimes creates stress and is in most cases the cause for mental problems in parents. This is where a new app called Peanut comes into the picture.

This app has devised a strategy to create a way for new parents to meet and interact with people who are going through the same phase.

This is a tinder like an app that is meant for moms.

The app was co-founded by Michelle Kennedy and George Orlowski both of whom have a ton of experience in the online dating apps industry.

Kennedy worked as a General Council and deputy CEO of another online dating app Badoo before creating Peanut.

Peanut works the same way as tinder. It has a swipe mechanism similar to tinder which can be used to skip or wave to the other person.

Peanut, however, tries to help users find others with the same set of interests, unlike tinder which focuses more of exclusivity of a user. Peanut also displays the age of the children so that matched moms could find playdates together.

The personal attributes of the users are displayed in less stuffy languages which have to be chosen while signing up.

Attributes like “Fashion Killa”, “mom boss” etc. can be used to define the self.

The app focuses on matching people based on interests as it tries to find similar time for both moms to do similar kind of activities such as shopping, dancing and other activities that might not be as fun if done alone.

The interest-based matching, however, could kill the diversity which is declining as seen by the political landscape.

Kennedy thinks that like-minded women should meet in order to know and understand each other’s values.

She believes that the political climate has made it necessary for people to interact and discuss issues that have created problems for the masses.

She is a parent herself and understands the difficulty in establishing female friendship after giving birth. She has given birth to a son a few years ago and so she understands the mental and physical phase that women go through at that time.

She says that all the mom communities that are running right now are old fashioned which are often run on websites and not through an app.

There have been few companies that are trying to create apps for moms to meet like-minded moms some of which are Mush and Winnie.

Those apps, however, are not necessarily similar to Peanut. Mush hasn’t done well in the US and Winnie is more like Yelp for moms which leans toward being a community for moms.

Peanut, on the other hand, is focused on helping people meet and spend time together. The app is very simple to use as it has a very simple user interface.

The design is clean and modern and it takes just one hand to use the app which is good for moms who are always taking care of the child with another.

This app, however, doesn’t focus on moms who like talking on chatting apps, it pushes them to go a step ahead and meet in real life by planning and creating a meeting place and time.

It also allows two moms to talk to each other through the app and create a group as well. Besides, this it allows creating polls which can later be turned into invite when the poll wraps.

This is a very good idea and it is to be seen whether it is accepted by moms around the world or not.

Currently only available on iOS there is no news of it going to android in the near future but if it takes off properly the readers will sure want to get to the most used platform that android is.

The app needs to be seeded to friends in order for them to use it if they live outside of one of the metro areas. This is one of the major concerns of using this app as many moms don’t want to go through the whole process of installing another app in order to use this one properly.

It is currently available in the app store and is getting downloaded in large numbers.

The app, however, is in beta so expect some minor issues but all in all, it should work really fine. The app might be later updated in order for it to be stable.

Shubham Agarwal

Shubham Agarwal is a Tech Maniac and a Gadget Freak. He is mostly interested in coding and programming apps, computer software and teaching people tricks that they can implement in their day to day life.