Open Any File With This Free Software

Downloading different software to open files with different extensions can be a tough job. Especially when you are having less storage on your device. Downloading different software can cost you a lot of internet data and slow down your device over time or instantly. So, here in this article, I share with you a software that can open any file.

Free Opener

Free opener is a free softwre that can help you open files with different extensions. It can open upto 75+ file extensions. Isn’t that great? A single free software opening almost all the file extensions that you use in your day to day life!

Though the Software’s official site is not available, you can download the software from cnet.


1. OS Supported: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

2. Storage: 20.38MB

Extensions Supported:

Open Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF Files, and many other images, movie, and music file types. No specialty software is required to open any of these file formats. With Free Opener, once you download the software, you no longer have to worry about opening files again. Opens 75+ file types on Windows including PDF, DOC, AVI, DOCX, ZIP, JAR, XML, HTML, SWF, 7Z, PHP, XLSX, MKV, FLV, XLS, JPEG, TXT, PSD, WMV, CR2, CRW, GIF, MSG, NEF, TIFF, JPG, MOV, MP4, LOG, PNG, CS, INI, MPEG, MPG, CSS, MP3, CFG, HTM, BMP, JS, XLSM, WA, ICO, REG, DNG, ARW, MID, ORF, RAF, PEF, RESX, CF2, ERF, MEF, MRW, SR2, X3F.


  1. It lets you open 75+ file extensions

  2. Works on older windows operating systems

  3. Opens multipe file types


  1. Crashes Often

  2. Uses more RAM

Final word:

If you are looking for a one-stop solution to open all the different file formats, then this is a must have. Protection Status

Shubham Agarwal

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