Oneplus One Invites! How To Get?

OnePlus one seems to be the new competitor in the market giving tough competition to Motorola and xiaomi phones. The unique feature about this company is that not everyone can get their hands on their products (not now atleast). To keep a check on this, they have rolled out the invites’ system.

In this post we shall see how to get our hands on this phone’s invites via different techniques.

Ways to get Oneplus one invites

One of the following methods might come handy for those desperately willing to get a oneplus one invite.

  • Contests:

Yes you heard it right! Now you can get an invite for the phone by participating in a contest conducted by the company itself via forums and raffles.

  • Giveaways:

Yes, there are people who are giving away these invites for free or a minimal price on sites like YouTube, Facebook etc. I would suggest you to have an eye on almost every social networking site and forums in which you have an account. For example, if you are on Facebook, like their page in order to get updates.

  • Use your contacts:

Oneplus one gives giveaway invites to people who already got their phone. So keep hunting for people who just bought a oneplus one phone and ask them for giveaway invites before anyone else books them.(Note: These invites are not automatically given, you need to ask for them after purchasing the phone)

  • Apps:

Apps can be put to use in this case also. All you need to do is download an app called RSS junkie. This can help you keep an eye on all the latest offerings and surprises by the company. Recently on January 20th, the company had offered phones without invites. So it’s a good idea to try this method than to regret later on.

  • Be patient:

In case you don’t get an early invite, ll you need to do is wait and have patience for it to be available in your locality. As time passes, there are more and more chances of abundant availability of invites. So, don’t be disheartened.



The invites will be valid only for 24 hrs. and then will be returned to the sender. You will have to request the sender to resend the invite if the stock is still available.

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