5 Best Offline 3D RPG Games for Android

RPG is one of the most sought after game genre in Google Play store trailing behind the Racing genre but only by a narrow margin. RPG is the short form of Role Playing Game where the user gets to dwell in a virtual world as some other hero of the game altogether. Though the entire idea seems very easy, the offline 3d RPG games for android that are released nowadays are too tough for the keyboard warriors. If you are more into just offline gaming, then you can check out some of the best offline games for android here.

It takes patience, strategy, and loads of hand – eye co-ordination to win a decent RPG game. This is not an exaggeration and the proof is the millions of money offered for tournament winners of games conducted by Gaming console and accessories manufacturers like the AMD. Technology has given the techie community loads of boons and the latest is that no fancy hardware required playing a full-fledged RPG.

Let us look at the list of best RPG gaming apps on the Google Play Store at the moment.

Joe Denver’s Lone Wolf

Taichi Panda: Heroes

Heroes of Dragon Age


Wild Blood

Here are the best offline 3d rpg games for android

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

If one has read the series of books by author Joe, this game would fetch the number 1 slot in the “must – download” list. The game features a lone warrior (obvious from the name) who punishes his rivals with style and a sword.

The graphics used are on par with the top paid games and the story line is what forced the panel to give the number 1 spot to Lone wolf on this list. The locations in the game are so antique-y, and brings back the mystic feel.

The user plays the role of the last living survivor from a platoon of elite soldiers and the duels are so mind blowing that the user would find it hard to keep the phone down. The developers really deserve every penny for a game well done.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Taichi Panda: Heroes

Taichi Panda Heroes

Though the Taichi Panda series is all worth downloading, the Heroes version is the most spectacular. The game is all Kung-Fu based and the ancient guardian angels and elves all come again for one last battle left in them.

The 3D graphics used in this game is almost equivalent to PC game quality and deserves special mention. The game takes the user to different Tai-Chi worlds where one protects and the other attacks.

The gameplay is as simple as it sounds – form a battalion, lead it and conquer enemies. In reality, the simple part ends there. Challenging game levels with increasing level of difficulty and forming alliances are too interesting to refrain from downloading.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Heroes of Dragon Age

Heroes of Dragon Age

Electronic Arts (EA) is fighting tooth and nail to earn a spot on the list and it deserves a spot because of its mind blowing output: Heroes of Dragon Age. Golems, Dragons, Ancient guardians – you name it, the game has it.

The game is a stunner and a view for the sore eyes after looking at the wannabe RPG games out there at the Google Play Store.

Epic quests and battles await the user and the games are quite rewarding with the heroes and gems that make the game smooth and interesting.

This CCG based RPG game is well endowed with awesome 3D graphics and one bummer is the long loading time, even when tested with an average hardware spec Android mobile (Lenovo A850) and also in a decent powered one (Moto G4 plus).

Hope they get it fixed in updates nevertheless it is worth the wait.

Install (Android, iPhone)



Not everyone likes flashy games and state of the art graphics. While there are many who play DOTA, there is a faction loyal to Age of Empires and Call of Duty: 2.

The bottom line is that some people love vintage based (or should we say Retro style?) games. Delver has the player covered. The Minecraft look-alike graphics and the gameplay earns a spot on this list.

It is not so complicated – just a regular graphic guy crawling and striding through dungeons and opening up mystery to collect potions and loot some wealth. The game is reasonably huge and deserves some applause for keeping it the way the vintage lovers would like.

Install (Android)

Wild Blood

Wild Blood

Looks like Gameloft wanted to steal the show and unarguably, it does. Gameloft has finally proved why so much hype around the Gameloft logo and why many users install a game just by seeing the Gameloft logo in the lower right corner.

The game Wild Blood has graphics that can put many PC games to shame and uninstall by itself. The multi – player games are a treat to play and dare we say it, to even watch.

Though it is premium, the user never ever will regret even a penny.

The Story line is very simple. Sir Lancelot falls in love with King Arthur’s wife. King Arthur and Morgana, the King’s sister unleash demons in the world and imprison the Queen.

Sir Lancelot straps his boots for a journey of a lifetime: to confront the King and reverse the damage done by Morgana the Sorceress.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Other honourable 3d offline rpg games for android mentions

The above are the best 5 best offline 3d RPG games for android currently on the Google Play Store. If the user feels the hardware of the smartphone is not so well blessed, we recommend trying these games.

Though not very interesting, they will do justice for the thirst for a decent RPG game.

  • Hell fire
  • King’s Bounty: Legions
  • Horn
  • Guns for hire


We sincerely hope the users have unlimited fun playing these Offline 3D RPG Games for Android.

The listed games are all 3D and have decent graphics quality (except Delver which has a rich but antique graphic style).

Some of them are paid while some are free but even the paid games are worth every penny spent and it comes from those who have tried and tested in smartphones for reviewing purposes.

The majority of the gaming community would agree with our list but if the reader feels if any game has been left out even after having the qualities to be on the list, we are game.


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