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Norton Security Deluxe by Symantec is an antivirus for Windows devices that comes loaded with the basic version of malware-signature matching, SONAR for behavioural analysis of unknown codes, Online Network Response. This Antivirus software priced $80 can protect up to five Windows PC, Mac or IOS, and Android mobile devices as well. Most of the antivirus packages under this price range support only three devices, but this is an added advantage of Norton.  Do you know there are some online retailers who even offer Norton for $70 and this version can support three of your devices? Norton Antivirus Review will get you a better idea about the working of this software.

But there are many versions of Norton available, all varying by the platform. Taking an example of its Mac version that comes integrated with file encryption, but no password manager and the reverse of the same is true for Windows.  Norton Windows’s version supports Password Manager but lacks File encryption. Its iOS version is not capable enough of scanning for malware and has very fewer features when compared to the Android version of this software. We will now see the list of Norton Antivirus Review from the customers who have used the software.


This is not just software for antivirus protection but there are unique features attached to it that make it a perfect choice for many. This software combines features from many of the previous products and inculcates all properties under a single roof of antivirus protection. Most of the Norton competitors have infused complicated architectures, but the Norton Security is simple and can perform antivirus activities into a single unit, power-packed with features  and the most important thing that is worth mentioning here is Norton Security brings back all of these features and a solid performance.

Norton Security Deluxe protection system includes anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing capabilities, plus is a password manager. This antivirus software secures online fraud while are otherwise seen in many of the online security suites. All of these features when brought together into one product, make Norton a perfect choice.

There are many pros and cons of this software system


  • This Antivirus provides excellent protection against Malware.
  • One of the best entry-level Antivirus software
  • Manages Password robustly and hence is a good password manager
  • This software protects more devices than any other antivirus available in the market.


  • The software has the least feature keeping the price of an average person in view.
  • No access to parental control.
  • Scanning this software is an issue many times.

 Concluding words

From above pros and cons and Norton Antivirus Review from customers, we can conclude this by saying that this is average software and considered best for the people who are looking forward to an anti-virus that can control a maximum of 5 devices and not more than that. This software protects your website and content from unsafe users. Protection Status

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