Li-Fi Technology: A Wireless Communication System And Its Advantages

What is Li-Fi Technology?

Light Fidelity or Li-Fi Technology is a running wireless communication system with Visible Light Communications that travels at a very high speed. Li-Fi is the internet system which uses collective domestic LED light bulbs to allow the transfer of data, boasting the speeds of internet up to 224 gigabits every single second. Li-Fi makes the system of life much easier. You are now able to access the facility of the internet from anywhere with the help of light source.

li-fi Technology

Who invented Li-Fi Technology?

The technology of Li-Fi was introduced by professor Harald Haas in the year 2011. He goes through with the ideas that what might be the changes in the technical system if a wireless Internet system can run with the help of a simple LED light bulb. The concept of Li-Fi is a very great idea and now after 4-5 years, Harald Haas has come up with the working prototype.

How does Li-Fi work?

The features of Li-Fi and Wi-Fi are fairly similar as both of them have the ability to transmit the data electromagnetically. Li-Fi works with the help of visible light source. In Li-Fi there is a photo-detector which is used to receive the light signals and the processing of the signal element to simply convert the internet data into a content of stream-able.


As we know that the LED light bulb is a light source which is a semiconductor, which means that the continuous current of the electricity supplied to the light bulb of a LED might be hollow and darkened, there might be up and down at tremendously very high-speed internet, without even noticeable to the eyes of humans. The minute changes in the fast darkening of the LED bulbs are then transformed by the receiver device into an electrical signal.

The electrical signal is now then again converted back into the stream of binary data that we identify as the web, or video and also the audio applications that are running on the internet to enables to the devices.

Advantages of Li-Fi technology:


  • Efficiency: Li-Fi does work on observable light technology. Though in all homes as well as in the offices LED bulbs are already in use for the lighting work, and in Li-Fi, light is the source which is used to transmit the data. Therefore, it is quite efficient in standings of prices and energy. Light is the only source that is used up for transmitting the data, so whenever the light is not required, it reduces to a point where it looks off to the eye of humans, but in actual, it is still working.
  • Availability: When there is any light source present then there you can use the facility of internet. As the light bulbs everywhere in homes, in offices, in the shops and almost all the areas are present then there you can use a high-speed internet that is available to you by your nearby light source.
  • Security: One of the main advantages of Li-Fi system is the security. As we know that light is the source that cannot pass through any opaque structure, Li-Fi Internet is accessible only to the operators within an area and it cannot be reached by operators in other area or any other room or building. Protection Status

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