Know What Google Knows About You

Have you ever wondered what info about you have been collected by Google with/without your knowledge? Well if you do not know and wish to know, go ahead.

Check it out for yourself here.

Your Location history:

Yes! Your location history is being shared and collected by Google via your smartphone. If you have your location turned on then your every move (location) is being tracked. You can check it out here:

Find Apps and extensions that are accessing your Google account data:

This can be seen on the account activity page. You can manage the permissions allowed to the apps and modify them here:

Your youtube search history:

Google also stores the history of the videos you have searched all this time. This can be managed by following the link below

Devices you have used:

Google apart from collecting your search history is also collecting the history of the devices you have used. You can check you devices history here:

Call Log, Mail History, Purchase History

You call logs via Google hangouts, your purchase history via Google wallet and your email history via gmail, all these are the sources by which Google keeps a track on your call logs, mail history and purchase history. This can also be controlled via you dashboard, so just follow the link below to modify these settings.

What Google thinks about you?

Yes you have been showed ads that that matches your nature and interests based on your history saved by Google. Google shows you ads that are relevant to you based on your profile. You can change these settings by going to the following link:

Search History:

Your search history is stored by Google both on your browser and also with Google. But in case you think that clearing your browser history will clear you history from Google’s records as well, then you are mistaken. If you want to check and manipulate your search history, then follow the following link:

If you want to know the process to do so, then click here

Info Apart from history:

Google also has a tool called Google analytics, which I hope most of the bloggers might be aware of. In case you are not a blogger, let me tell you that Google not only collects the info of the pages you have visited but also collects the time for which you have been on a specific web page. You can manage this by going to the link below:

How to control your privacy?

In case you have just ended up clearing all your records from Google and wish to be informed of all the things Google stores about you in future, then you can enable the monthly report service by Google. This will mail the report directly to your account.

Export your data out of google:

By clicking on the following link, you will be able to export all your data out of Google. Now by all your data, I mean your bookmarks, contacts, drive files, emails, photos, youtube videos and other stuff.

Shubham Agarwal

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