How To Remove Adware?

Have you ever been a prey of adware showing unwanted Ads on your PC? Well, if you couldn’t figure out the reason for those unnecessary ads, then let me enlighten you with some adware removal methods. These ads appear because of the presence of adware on your system. Let’s first look at some ways to get rid of these adware .

Method 1: Uninstall your last downloaded software

Uninstalling the software that might have triggered these ads might be helpful in most of the cases. These software are mostly from those that you have recently downloaded. So, if you see these ads appearing all over your browser after you have installed any software then there are chances of an adware being unknowingly installed along with that software.

So, in order to remove that, go to your control panel and click on uninstall a program and then choose and uninstall the software.

If you still continue to see ads in the browser, go for method 2.

Method 2: Clear your browser’s data

Clearing the browser’s data have helped many get rid of the unwanted ads. So, if the previous method did not work properly for you, then don’t worry, just go to your browser’s settings and delete the browser’s “Cookies and other site and plugin data“, “cached images and files” and “hosted app data“. Mostly these ads’ data gets stored in the browser and needs to be cleared. After this, you can restart your system if you still spot any sort of ads. Mostly, in order to make the settings effective, restarting the system proves to be effective.
If you still continue to see ads in the browser, in spite of completing methods 1 and method 2, try method 3.

Method 3: Download an anti-malware software

Now, if you are still unable to clear the adware, then you can opt in for some anti-adware software like Malwarebytes anti-malware by Malwarebytes. This software is known to remove adware effectively. It also prevents it from occurring again in future and hides from malware that causes ads.

Note: Malware is a term used for referring to a problem caused by viruses, trojans, adwares, and many more. It is like an umbrella for all these problem causing software. Protection Status

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