How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft?

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft but before that, let me explain to you what identity theft actually is?

So, What is Identity theft?

Identity theft is the act of stealing someone else’s information like driver’s license or social accounts info or any such personal information and using it to borrow loan or services in that person’s name and misusing them. Such acts are punishable but could end up in huge losses to the victim. Let’s take some precautions in order to prevent it as prevention is always better than cure.

Method 1: Use good and strong Passwords

Using some good and strong password which is not easy to guess even by your near and dear one’s accounts for a strong password. Passwords that are alphanumeric and consists of symbols are hard to hack. So, such passwords lower your chances of identity theft and also make up your first step towards protecting yourself from identity theft.

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator and PW Gen can be helpful if you find it difficult to generate unique passwords

Method 2: Learn about phishing and try to avoid falling prey to it

Phishing is nothing but a means of stealing personal data by cloning an original webpage.  For example, as you log into your Facebook account, a phishing scam could take you to a page that looks exactly the same as a Facebook login page but its URL might not be the same as Facebook’s URL. So, if you fill in your login details there, your account might be hacked.

You can prevent this type of scam by looking at the URL. Taking our previous example, the URL of Facebook might be something like but if you find something else in place of that, you should immediately refrain from entering your details and block that site using any of the site blocking software available in the market.

Method 3: Be Extra Careful When Online

Your personal information is not to be shared with anyone and always make sure you logout of your account if you have logged into it via someone else’s device. Leaving it open might give the person a free hand over your account and they might misuse it no matter  how trustworthy they might be. Most identity thefts happen due to the negligence and carelessness.

Method 4: Use Antiviruses

There are many free antiviruses available in the market but the premium ones guarantee you more safety and also provide you with more updated options. Antiviruses like Norton and AVG are trust worthy when it comes to protecting your devices like PC/Laptop/Mobile from viruses and other malware and can also protect your Identity from theft.

So, be careful and if you have any suggestions to improve the article or have anything to share with us, feel free to mention it in the comments below. Protection Status

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