How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick

Jailbreaking is a process by which the software restrictions which are imposed by the company are removed in order to install third party applications and software which are not allowed by the company.

Jailbreaking gives the user root access to the device which enables the user to have a command on the device and use it as he/she pleases to.

Jailbreaking the Amazon Firestick enables it to run software like Kodi which is the best media streaming software.

This is a fairly easy process to do and if the steps are followed properly you won’t have any problem with Jailbreaking.

The below steps will guide you through the process of jailbreaking Amazon Firestick and installing Kodi on it.

How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick?

Amazon Fire tv stick

Step 1:

Buy an Amazon Firestick and set it up normally as it’s supposed to be. This process won’t take much time and is quite easy to do.

Step 2:

Not go to the “settings” which is on the home screen in the left corner of the screen. In the settings select “system” which is named as “device” in the new operating system. After clicking on the system it’ll open a new tab from which the user needs to select “Developer Options”. In the developer options enable the option that says “ADB debugging” and also check the option for “Unknown Apps”.

Step 3:

Now the user needs to go to the Application settings and turn off the option “Collect App data”. Turning this off means that the device won’t be sending data to the company in future. This is done so as to keep the information on the device private.

Step 4:

Now when all the basic procedures are done it’s time now to install the ES file Explorer. This app is used to download different other third party apps. To download ES file explorer go to the Amazon App store and search for ES File Explorer. The search result will fetch the app which has to be downloaded. Click on Install and the app will be installed in few minutes depending upon the internet speed.

Step 5:

Now it’s time for the actual jailbreaking and Kodi installation. Open the newly installed app ES File Explorer and go to “favorites”. In the favorites tab, there is an option to “Add”. Clicking the add option opens up a path field. In that field type the following, “”. Give it a name as Appstarter and then add it. A notification saying “bookmark added” will be shown after which the user needs to search the bookmarker and click it to download. This downloads the AppStarter.

Step 6:

After AppStarter has been downloaded it needs to be installed. To install it, go to the “Open File” option and click on the AppStarter icon that has been created after the downloading of that app. The installation process takes a minute of two after which any other app can be installed.


After all the above steps are followed properly it enables the device to be jailbroken and now the user could download and install third party apps which were previously not allowed on the device.

Downloading and installing Kodi is fairly easy after this. It can be installed by going to the “Updates”.

This is a very easy and safe way to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick.

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