How To Install Kodi On Firestick?

Kodi has become one of the best open source media streaming software due to the many functionalities that it offers and also due to its free nature.

It has been the first choice for people who want to watch TV shows as well as online content without having to pay a lot of money.

Amazon Firestick is one such device that can be used to watch online content on TV.

To install Kodi on Firestick there are many ways which can be followed. In this article well be showing an easy way in which Kodi can be installed on Firestick.

Follow the below procedures to install Kodi on Amazon Firestick.

Method 1: Installing through downloader

Step 1

Go to the Fire TV settings and then to the developer options. In the developer options menu turn on the “Unknown Sources” which allows the device to install third party apps downloaded as apk or Zip. The user also can turn on the ADB Debugging or the USB debugging as it could help in the future side loading of any apps.

Step 2

Go to the homescreen and click on the search icon. Type “Downloader” in the search box in order to download it from the app store. Install the apps which would take a minute or two.

Step 3

Launch the newly installed app called Downloader. There will be a confirmation notification once the installation process has been completed.

Step 4

In the address box of the Download app, type in and then click the next button to go to that page.

Step 5

Download the app from the newly opened page and install it. This would take 2 minutes at most after which the device will show a notification for the completion of the installation process.

Step 6

Go to the homescreen and launch Kodi to ensure that it has been installed properly.

Method 2: Installing through ES File Explorer       

Step 1

The user needs to go to settings and then click on system. In the system, there is an option for developer options. In the developer options, the user needs to go to “Apps from Unknown Sources” and switch it on. This removes all the restriction over third party apps and now Kodi can be installed on the Firestick.

Step 2

Get the ES Explorer. To download this app head over to the app store and search for ES File Explorer. Install the app by clicking install.

Step 3

To download Kodi there are certain steps that need to be followed. First of all, navigate to the left of the app and click on “Add”. After this, there will be a pop up in which a link has to be pasted. In the path, the download address for the app which is is pasted and clicked ok. After this step has been done, the user needs to add the link to his favorite in order to download Kodi. The link opens in the browser with many options to download from.

Step 4

The download process is initiated by clicking on the Download option and letting the device download Kodi. The process depends on the internet speed.

Step 5

After the downloading process in complete, there is a new tab that opens up. This tab is for the installation of the downloaded software. Click on the install button and Kodi will be installed in few minutes.

Step 6

After the installation is complete, head over to the home screen and look out for Kodi which will be listed under the “Your Apps” section. Launch the app to ensure that it’s working properly.


Installing Kodi on Amazon Firestick is a fairly simple task. The user just needs to follow all the above steps and in order to have a positive result with Kodi being installed on the Firestick.

Downloading the app from its main website might be a difficult part for some but if all the above steps are followed accurately then the problem could be eliminated.

Kodi has become one of the best if not the best online streaming program and many people are joining millions of other people who have been using this app for streaming day by day.

All the above steps ensure that Kodi is installed on Firestick in a safe and secured way.


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