How To Install Exodus On Kodi?

Kodi is one of the most well-known media streaming software available for different devices. It’s open source, that mean anyone can use it for free without having to be concerned about patent infringement or property theft.

This media streaming software is giving cable networks a run for their money with its functionality and free to use plan.

One of the biggest pros of this media streaming software is that it comes with many skins and add-ons that make the whole experience very good.

Skins are the user interfaces that are offered whereas add-ons are the supported software that makes Kodi even more powerful.

There are many add ones that make the experience even better for Kodi users. One such add-on is Exodus.

In this article, we’ll explain how to install this add-on in your code software.

Step 1:

Open Kodi and head over to the homescreen. At homescreen, there is an icon named File Manager which holds all the files which are stored on the system. Click on the File manager icon.

Step 2:

Clicking on the file manager icon opens the internal files of the device. Inside File manager, there is an option to “Add Source”. Click on Add Source which brings a new tab to the screen. This is where the address for Kodi downloading should is added. The address is which downloads the zip file to Exodus. Make sure that the address is typed correctly, if there is any mistake in the address then the add-on won’t be downloaded.

Step 3:

After the address has been inserted, the user needs to go back to the home screen and select the Add-ons menu. There is an option named “Install from Zip File” inside the add-ons menu. That option needs to be selected in order to install the add-on. Clicking on that option opens up a list of files that are stored on the device. In these files, the one which is downloaded from the address has to be found.

Step 4:

Now go to “Kodi-repos” and select English. In that tab, there is many zip files which are stored on the device. Out of all those Zip files the one starting with repo.exodus needs to be found. This is the zip file that has to be installed. Click on the zip file and give the system few minutes to install. After the installation process in completed, the user gets a notification confirming the same.

Step 5:

Now head back to the home screen and go to the add-ons menu. Now select “Install from repository”. This will open another tab in which Exodus Repository has to be selected. Again select Video Add-ons from the newly opened tab. That will give way to another tab in which Exodus has to be selected and installed. The process takes a few minutes after which the user gets a notification of confirmation.

Step 6:

Once all the above steps are done head back to the main add-ons menu and look for Exodus add on. If the icon is not there that means there is some problem in the installation process. Follow the above steps properly and it should be installed. When it’s installed simply click on it to open and enjoy the features.


Kodi is a very powerful media player and it has become one of the most famous ones in recent times given all the features that it comes with.

The inclusion of add-ons and skins make it an even better experience than what most other media players offer.

This software is free as well which is another advantage it has over others.

The installation is a bit tricky part as it doesn’t come with many add-ons and apps preinstalled so the user needs to know a bit of in and around the user interface in order to get the best out of it.

These steps ensure the safe and secure installation of Exodus on Kodi.


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