Netflix Quality: How to improve?

Netflix quality, at times, may go down for some reason or another as it is an online video and media streaming company with more than 29.4 million customers worldwide and out of this 27.1 million are from the USA alone! Now, providing a high quality for such a large customer base might prove to be quite a challenging task for Netflix. But if you are not getting the right quality and you seriously want some then I think its time for you to check out for the following in order to watch Netflix in some really good quality.

So, here are some common methods to increase your Netflix’s video quality.

Method 1: Check Your Device’s Configurations

Checking your device’s configuration is the first thing to do before proceeding on to the next step. Although most of the devices are capable of playing high-quality videos, some might not. So check your device’s configuration here with CPUZ.

Method 2: Switch to Microsoft Edge’s browser or safari on Mac

Your browsers might be causing the problem by limiting you to view videos in just 720p. So Switching to browsers like Microsoft’s Edge or Safari on OS X will allow you to view videos in 1080p quality.

Method 3: Have a good and speed internet connection

Internet connection is something that can spoil your movie watching experience with Netflix. Even if you have subscribed to the Premium plan, your internet speed might not let you enjoy it to the fullest. So, to view videos in 1080p, you will have to have a good internet connection with a minimum downloadable speed of 5 Megabytes per second.

If you wish to view videos in 4k then you have to make sure that the ultra HD feature is included in your plan.

Method 4: Alter the video, audio bitrate

If you still have a problem with Netflix’s quality, you can adjust the quality by altering the audio, video bitrates and also choosing the CDN’s. To do so, windows users press Control+shift+alt+s and Mac Users Press Control+shift+Option+s. A popup appears before you and there you can adjust the audio, video, and the CDN.


If the Video bitrate is set to a max of 3000, then you are getting a 720p Video quality. For a better quality, set the bitrate to 4800 or 5800.

Method 5: Allow it to buffer

Yes, allowing the video to buffer can help you get a good picture quality but can be a bit time consuming if your internet service isn’t good enough. Protection Status

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