How to Delete Your Activity Log Tracked by Google

With Google almost controlling all the internet searches, it is simultaneously tracking and recording its user’s activity and other information on the internet without our knowledge. Even after deleting the browser history, the information collected by Google remain the same. So it has become quite essential for us to remove our search history and other information from Google’s records. This post is aimed at helping you do so.


Step 1: Open Google’s web and activity page by signing into your google account.


Screenshot (1)

Step 2: Search for the settings button and click on it

Screenshot (1)
Step 3: Click on “download” from the drop down menu


Step 4: Create an Archive

Step 5: Time to delete your history from Google’s records

Step 6: Select the time duration from when you want to delete your history from the pop up on the screen

Screenshot (6)
Step 7: After selecting the duration, click on “Remove”

Screenshot (7)

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