Gear VR Apps: 9 Apps To Enhance Your Virtual Reality Experience

Gear VR compatible apps are increasingly in demand post the launch of the revolutionary gear vr headset by Samsung.

These apps are simple and driven by Smartphone. We must say these apps come loaded with pretty cool features and give users completely new experience.

There are virtual reality apps/ VR apps that are made to be used with Samsung Gear VR set.

We are here with the list of 9 easy to use apps for Gear VR but first, let us see what Gear VR is?

What is Gear VR?

Gear VR is a device that has come up due to the collaboration of Oculus, a company involved in virtual reality, and Samsung, a company known for its mobile devices and other gadgets.

In order to experience VR, you need to have vr apps for Gear vr.

Gear VR Apps

Here is the complete list of VR gear best apps and you can also download them from the link provided at the end of each app.

1. AltspaceVR

Want to meet new people across the globe!!!

If yes, then this AltspaceVR app is a must to download Gear VR App for you. You can download this game and play interactively, and be a part of enjoying VR games for life.



  • Enjoy this VR app with over 28 different activities
  • Be a part of real life like VR games
  • Watch your comedians, celebrities, DJs, and much more.
  • Whether you play this game at day or night, you would definitely find playing this game, one of the best experience of your life.

Install (Oculus)

2. EVE-Gunjack

EVE online, the main title of this app was initially launched in the year 2003 and there is no looking back since then.

Gunjack is an arcade shooter game so if you love sci-fi and shooting, then you would definitely love this game too.



  • Supports Samsung VR apps powered by Oculus.
  • The essence of this game is a gun runner who can shoot any moving object.
  • You can control the game with head movements, Gear VR Touchpad, or a Bluetooth controller.

Install (Oculus)

3. Flickr VR

Flickr app contains a plethora of 360° photos brilliantly collected for viewing in a VR headset. This app is very simple and easy to navigate so that photos can be viewed easily. This provokes us to add this to our gear vr best apps list.

Flickr VR


  • Thumbnail gives users an idea of the picture before it is opened.
  • Has a wonderful collection of images.
  • Better watch them on a spinning chair and pass your spare time in a completely refreshed way.
  • This app would take you to a completely new world of Gear VR that is driven by Oculus.

Install (Oculus)

4. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Want to be a bomb diffuser? VR world is not an isolated one. You can become a bomb diffuser and have multiple lives in this virtual game by downloading this app.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


  • Be a bomb diffuser who has the potential to diffuse explosives within a constrained timeframe.
  • You need to follow the manual to use this app.
  • Take help from your companions.
  • You need to manage every day and start fresh with another day.

Install (Android, iPhone, Oculus)

5. Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

One of the most popular games that took the least amount of time to win the hearts of players is undoubtedly the best app for gear vr. This game was released in April for Samsung Gear VR headsets.

As of now, two versions of this game are available where one is played on a flat screen and other on a virtual screen. VR version is highly immersive and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

There are many apps for gear vr but none matched this game’s levels.

Minecraft Gear VR Edition


  • Build your Minecraft world and fight zombies in a new way.
  • Get an option to buy a tree house that can reach up to the level of a cloud.

Install (Android, iPhone, Oculus)

6. Skylight

This app was launched in the year 1995. Many apps fade away and lose their fame over a period of time but there are apps like Skylight that never go out of fashion.

All characters of this VR gear app are beautifully designed in order to give players one of the best experiences of their life.



  • Two people are bonded together by a shared passion but attitude and income structure of both of them differ a lot.
  • This game is a perfect mix of love and politics.
  • One of the best games for Samsung’s Gear VR.

Install (Oculus)

7. Oculus Arcade

The first thing that we would like to mention here is that you need to have a gamepad before you download this game.

Oculus Arcade is one of the best virtual arcade games where you get an option to play classical games ranging from Sonic going up to Pac-Man. Play other games in the mid-way like Sega, Midway, etc.

Oculus Arcade


  • You just have to give a look at the game and it will start automatically.
  • Mimicry game that would copy physical game controller over the arcade cabinet.
  • Pay for this game and get unlimited access to playing games.

Install (Oculus)

8. Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is an app for gear vr that comes loaded with all-new features and functions. Securing your privacy is in your hands.

Use the secret mode to protect and safeguard your web security whenever you access any of your personal information online.

You even get an option to block content in case you want to avoid wasting your time and energy on meaningless content.

Samsung Internet


  • Content Cards containing web content are available in the Quick Access page that allows users to read and find the useful information without any hassle.
  • You can bookmark and synchronize pages with Firefox accounts.
  • You get an option to install third party content blocking apps that allow you to block the content that you don’t want to see.

Install (Oculus)

9. Suicide Squad: Special OPS VR

This is one of the motion blockbuster games that is available in the Samsung Gear VR apps collection. This is a complete fun to play enjoyable app.

The dark environment, visual tools, and many more fictitious scenes of this app would definitely drive players crazy for it.

Suicide Squad Special OPS VR


  • The main job of the player is to survive. Survive from the creatures and weird attackers that come his or her way while progressing to higher levels of the game.
  • Players get an option to buy attributes that can upgrade the game and make it more interesting.

Install (Oculus)

Wrapping Up

Above is the list of some simple and easy to download apps for Gear VR that are compatible with your Gear VR Headset. You can download these apps and upgrade your Virtual Reality experience to an all-time high.

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