Top 8 Best Evernote Alternatives

We all forget! That is a plain, simple statement that we need to agree even if it strikes our ego at some point.

Right from our shopping list to the deadline of the project one works on, everything needs to be remembered but unfortunately it is not as simple as it seems. Our brain somehow magically forgets the high priority tasks.

For instance, some people have this peculiar problem: when they want to recollect something in examination hall, their favourite song lyric is the only thing flashing in their mind.

It is completely normal and Evernote exploited this fact pretty well.

But times have changed and monopoly will never continue long.

Internet Explorer had a rival in the name of Chrome and Evernote has rivals and the best rivals are lined up here.

Evernote alternatives

Google Keep

Google Keep

Some Google loyalists will download it straight away just by seeing the “Google” tag around the service’s neck.

For a fact, not all products from Google are awesome but the Google Keep falls under the “awesome” category.

It is the only free google alternative to evernote.

The most important feature in Google Keep is the Google Drive sync that lets the user access the notes in different places and in different devices.

The transcription service offered does the job pretty decently and people who find typing a cumbersome job will thank Google for this feature.

One feature that could blow one’s mind away is the location based reminder, where a reminder pops up when the user gets near to the set location.

Other fancy add-ons like colours and fonts remain standard and nothing creative in there, but still, we can’t complain.

Real time sharing and editing, by the users allow to do so is a great way to plan things.

Download (Android, iPhone)

Apple Notes

Apple Notes

Apple takes everything seriously – to the extent that one could see the flashlight icon’s button move when flashlight is toggled on or off.

A company that pays attention to even those details didn’t disappoint in this regard either.

The bottom line is that Apple notes is a brilliantly engineered and perfectly packed note taking app for ios users that even has a ruler (yes, seriously) to draw straight lines.

The pen tool has loads of shades to play with and the colours palette is pretty decent.

One can import links, location and pictures in the note like any other note taking app does but the Apple Notes application is buttery smooth.

The graphical user interface and the transition are well positioned and executed to give the application a premium feel.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

The rival, not so far behind from its competitors, is also in the application development business and has been replying with some decent quality applications.

But the competition is experiencing a bit of slack when it came to OneNote. The user interface is not at all exciting and it quite feels dull. The features on the other hand are neither a slug nor a fire spitting dragon.

The hand option, clipping from web pages option and the option to collaborate them all into one single picture deserves some brownie points.

The application offers a list view for the shopping people and also the transcription service which works just fine.

The workaholics will find one feature as their life saver – the sync with Microsoft applications like Word / Excel.

Download (Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, iPad, Watch, Chromebook)



SimpleNote is never developed to handle exorbitant loads and tasks to be handled.

Instead, it is meant to be a gentle breeze that takes in notes and thrown in a gentle flurry of additional features.

The greatest feature of the SimpleNote is the “tagging” feature.

The same way we use hash tag search in twitter to see the tweets on a particular genre, the SimpleNote offers tagging to make searching and finding content a piece of cake.

The night mode comes in handy for the night owls. The multi device sync will also be praised by the user as it really helps the earning and studying community. It is one of the best evernote alternatives for android.

Download (Android, iPhone, Mac)


The name of a Goddess of thefts and underworld activities, is ironically kept for this product where everything is open.

In fact it is an open source alternative to evernote. Some people take privacy seriously and if a user is one among them, then Laverna is right up for the task.

The only product that allows users to skip the registration processes is Laverna. Laverna is rooted deep into the coding community and it allows to highlight code snippets.

The developer community finds fun in altering Laverna for their own use after acquiring the code and license, which are free and fortunately – legal.

Download (Linux x64, Linux x32, MacOS, Windows x64, Windows x32, Self Hosted)



Appearances are deceptive and even the icon for Turtl proves that. This product is up and fit to compete against the famous and powerful developers.

The Turtl has privacy as the primary selling point in the race to become the best note taking platform.

The password is converted to a cryptographic key which is required and it is never stored anywhere else, leaving the user with much deserved privacy.

With Turtl, the user can decide with whom the content will be shared to. So, if you have been waiting to see a secure and encripted alternative to evernote then here your wait ends here.

Download (Windows, MacOS, Android, Apk, Linux )


Wiz Note

A proud product from Beijing, the Wiznote offers a simple, slick application that never rakes up much needed ROM from the user.

It is laser light and lightning fast. The only bummer is that o fancy features to play with. Other than that, the product does decently well.

The product has a crisp user interface that gels well even with the “not – so – well – endowed – hardware – wise” phones which is a reason of celebration for many people.

Apart from this, it makes a good alternative if you are a linux/ubuntu user and want an evernote alternative.

Download (Android)



Perhaps the least eye-pleasing product to make it to the list, but it is not the looks we are worried about.

It features a typical 20th century user interface and it is kind of boring initially but grows on you with time and interaction.

The product does what is advertised by the developers. This python based product works well even in primitive computers and is a good offline alternative to evernote.

That is one of the main reasons why this evernote alternative made it to this list at least in the bottom position.

Download (Windows, Linux Debian)


Note taking is a simple yet effective activity that could make loads of difference to a user’s lifestyle. Though it takes time getting used to a digital reminder book, it is worth the time and effort invested and it always helps one way or the other.

Hope you enjoyed these Evernote’s best alternatives and found them useful.


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