Email Tracking: How To Track Emails To Know their Status

Have you ever felt the need of email tracking or know if your emails have been read or not? I know most of us have wanted to track emails! So, in this article, I will be sharing with you a simple trick to know whether your sent email has been read or not. The tools that we’ll be using for this purpose are MailTrack, Bananatag, Email Tracker.

What is Email Tracking?

It is a way of finding out whether the email sent to the destination was delivered, opened and read or not. Through this, you can view what the receiver of the email has done with the email that you sent. It’s useful for business purposes to avoid wasting time on waiting for a reply.

So, with all set, we shall now dive into how to use these tools.

1. MailTrack

MailTrack is a chrome extension to track emails and can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Store.

How to use MailTrack

Step 1: Click on the link labeled Chrome Store and add the extension to your chrome browser.

Step 2: Now, you will have to sign in with your Google ID

Step 3:  Allow it to access your Gmail data

Step 4: Choose the plan that you wish to use. The free plan will have ads at the end of the email’s you send and are limited to 5 trackable email. While the pro plan ($4/Month) can be used to track more than 5 emails and is free from ads.

Step 5: After this, compose an email in Gmail and check if this feature is turned on or not by hovering on the icon next to the send button.

Step 6: After the email has been sent, go to your sent box and check the email status.

Note: This can be used only with Gmail. If you wish to track emails sent from yahoo mail or Hotmail, read on.

2. Email Tracker

Email Tracker is another Google Chrome extension just like MailTracker. The difference between them is that this extension can track email sent via Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail and Google Inbox. You can get this also for free at the Chrome Store.

How to use Email Tracker

Step 1: Click on the link labeled Chrome Store and add the extension to your chrome browser.

Step 2: After adding the extension, click allow on all the popups that appear.

Step 3: Now, login to your email account and compose an email.

Step 4: Make sure that the extension is turned on while you are composing your email, else it won’t be tracked.

Step 5: Now send the email as you would and then go to the sent folder to check the email status.

Step 6: Initially, it will show a dot beside the email and then it becomes a checkmark indicating that the person has read the email.

Step 7: Hover over the checkmark for more details about the email.

They have a pro version as well which costs around $48 per year. Features of the Pro version.

  • Full Receipt report
  • Auto link tracking
  • unlimited emails
  • Recipient Geographics
3. Bananatag

This tool is a bit different from the those mentioned above. This tool emails you the status of the sent email. So, if the email was delivered, you get an Email Delivered message. If it was opened, you will get an Email Opened message.

Bananatag is easier to use and costs as cheap as $20/month. Free users get to tag only 5 emails per day which is sad! 🙁

How to use Bananatag

Step 1: SignUp with your email Id by clicking here

Step 2: Select the plan that you wish to use

Step 3: Fill in your details and click “Help me get started”

Step 4: Depending on the email that you wish to use, select the icon and the procedure below it will guide you through the process thereafter.

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