Now Defy Gravity with the new Zero G case for Iphone 6/6 plus

The latest zero G cases from mega tiny corporation specially designed for iphone 6 and 6 plus can help your phone defy gravity. These cases can help your phone stick to surfaces made up of glass, mirrors, stainless steel, walls, tiles, kitchen cabinets etc. without making the surface sticky. Now you might be wondering as to how is that possible? Well, the answer to this lies here itself.

zero g case

Zero G cases work on the principle of nano suction. It has many tiny suction cups that help it stick to different surfaces with ease. Removing it from the surface is also easy, as it does not stick that hard to the surface. Apart from its sticking anywhere ability, this case is said to be self-healing, heat resistant and shock resistant. Also these cases can be washed simply by using water in order to avoid dust and dirt from blocking the nano suction material.

The zero G case is thin and adds only 3 mm of thickness to your phone. Its also highly durable and has slightly raised edges to avoid the screen from getting damaged.

zero g case

This case comes in two colours i.e. black and white and it can helps you to have a hand free conversation while you are driving or can also take pics when no one’s around to help.

The case has a patent pending design. It is yet to be launched and is expected to be out by May for shipping. If you want to own it, then go to the official website of mega tiny corporation or kickstarter and make a pledge from $34.

Shubham Agarwal

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