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Bumble is a great dating app that allows you to access number of profiles for free but there is one catch to it, you need to have a facebook account in order to access this app.
A good thing for girls is that only they have the authority to start a converstion. Overall the app is interesting and useful.

Dating is one of the best part of a person’s life and with online dating, its like choosing from a vast sea of people.

In this bumble dating app review, we’ll be reviewing the bumble dating app. It is an online dating app that brings two people closer and improves their relation with one another.

There are many apps for women and girls where they can enjoy but this dating app is specially developed to keep women intact.

It is one of the best apps where women can start communication and spend quality time with the ones who shows interest in them.

Why Choose Bumble Dating App?

Men and women both went frustrated after receiving spam messages from other apps.

Men used to show their better half by sending impressive messages but the least response from women’ side left them disappointed.

Women equally were tired of receiving lots of messages so there was dire need to develop an app that could resolve this issue for both men and women.

This app comes loaded with fun-filled features with a time limit of 24-hours. In this time, women can actively participate in the chat and swipe screen to move to another chat quickly.

There is a BFF mode available in this app where you can start making friends, relations, and engage in many other activities.

You can create your profile page by uploading your photos so that your partner can easily locate you and become a friend of you.

Mandatory: Facebook account. You just need to have a Facebook account if you want to access this app.

This Bumble is more of a women-friendly app that is mostly centered on interests of women.

Just like Tinder app, this app is centered around dating and is more women-friendly and this makes it stand out of the crowd.

Features of Bumble App

  • Unlike other apps, you don’t need to send a request and wait for the other person to approve and grant you permission. In this app, you need to just match in order to initiate your communication.
  • Females initiate communication in this app. This is one of the best parts of downloading this app that Women have liked so far.
  • This methodology where most focus is on women, the workload on women have increased too.
  • This is yet quite a good app when thought from Men’ side where they don’t have to frame introductory messages or please partners to start communication. No rejection feeling harm them in one or the other way.
  • Another option that is liked in this app is Bumble Boost: an option that allows you to chat with partners that liked you.
  • You can post your pictures and receive messages or comments from women.
  • Move to BFF mode to know about the intentions of people who are using this app like if they are single, ready to mingle, or in relation, or not.
  • This app works only on the mobile platforms and despite this fact, its active users base is increasing day by day.
  • This app can be used for fulfilling most of your intentions.
  • According to the latest reports, in last 6 months’ time, the number of visitors that use this app has crossed the 312,800/month mark.
  • The number of searches for the keywords ‘bumble app’ rose to 40.68% in last 6 months.


  • This app received 3.7 stars out of 5-star rating as per 17,414 votes and 7th ranking under Lifestyle apps category of Google Play store.
  • This app received 3.5 stars out of 5-star rating as per 7,021 votes and 6th ranking under Lifestyle Apps category of IOS.

This app is new and has been on the market since December 2014. Its popularity and fame has surpassed many of its competitors that have been in the market for years.

Other features that most of the active users like:

Swiping game: Bumble comes loaded with a swiping game where you can pass or like by swiping left or right to the screen.

You can see the full profile of the users while swiping. Such profiles are visually short and of higher resolution so that you can easily check if you want to initiate your conversation or not.

Once a match is obtained you can chat for 24 hours’ time. This option is mostly in the hands of women where they can control and continue their chat endlessly. Women are the initiators of communication here.

How To Use Bumble Dating App?

  • The sign up process of this app is very simple. You just need to have a Facebook account.
  • A single click and you are ready to swipe across this app right away.

For registration, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login to your Facebook account with your login details
  • Go to app settings and select allow for setting like geolocation and push notifications. Now you would automatically be connected on bumble
  • Your Facebook profile picture is set as your main profile picture on the Bumble app by default.

Your name, age, and many other attributes would be taken from your social media page.

The geolocation option would help the app to list your location (town or city most probably).

Once you are done with this, you can edit and make changes to your profile. It allows you to edit your name, age, location, plus gender of the people that you would like to chat with like Women, Men, Both men, and women, or BFF mode. BFF mode would connect you to people who are single, or in relation.

In case you don’t want to upload your Facebook profile pic, you can change it and add any other image just like other apps.

You don’t have to log in again and again. If your Facebook account Is ON, your Bumble account is already active and you can use it to chat.

In case you don’t want your Bumble account to remain active all the time when you activate your Facebook account, you can go to settings and make changes accordingly.


  • Girls will love the app as they have the authority to start a conversation
  • You get to backtrack if you accidentally swipe someone left
  • Allows you to save the match from disappearing after 24 hrs by extending


  • Facebook Account is a must to signup
  • Location cannot be changed
  • The connection disappears after 24 hrs if the female matches but does not initiate a conversation.
  • Some say the no one responds on bumble
  • It also has a lot of fake profiles

Is Bumble a Good Dating App?

Bumble app has given women a platform where they can continue with their casual or romantic relationship without any hassle.

If you wish to use this app without your friends knowing it and you are an android user, then you can hide it without using applock. This is one of the apps that is worth trying.

Once you download this app, you would become addicted to it and spend hours accessing it for free.

The only clause developers have set is to have a Facebook account.

This app is simple and has a very easy to understand registration process.

Hope this bumble app review helps you choose the best dating app. Also, if you want some alternatives to the bumble dating app, you can find it in our dating apps like tinder alternatives article.

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