10 Best Virtual Reality / VR Apps For Android And Iphone Users

Virtual reality/VR refers to the illusion of the real world in the digital world. It enables you to live in the arena of a different place at a different location without physically being present there.

Here you will find some of the best apps to experience immersive virtual reality. 

Here are the Apps To Experience Virtual Reality/VR

1. Cardboard

Cardboard is an app developed by Google to give you a real world like experience in the virtual world.

This app creates a virtual world in your smartphone. You can use this app and set your view, find new apps, and get an overall new feel of accessing virtual reality.

You can check the demo versions of this app and download the app provided you have a Cardboard viewer.



  • Use this app and fly across the globe
  • Local guide option is given to assist you in flying across the globe.
  • You can watch videos on a bigger screen.
  • Allows you to view cultural artifacts

Install (Android, iPhone)

2. Jaunt app

This app is more of a Within app but combines serious and entertaining videos. One of the most immersive apps that the developers have created so far.

This app comes loaded with 360-degree stereoscopic images. In addition to the directional flow of audio signals, it also gives users an unparalleled experience like never before.

Jaunt VR - Virtual Reality


  • Watch live events
  • Get news directly via ABC news
  • A perfect place to see News events for the people who refuse to read a newspaper.
  • Use headsets to enjoy this app to its fullest.

Install (Android, iPhone)


This New York Times app is centered on the main news that it wants to show through this app.

You can not only get the latest news with this app but also get to see the virtual reality from your location. From Iraqi forces to ISIS, get every news right on your smartphone.

NYT VR – Virtual Reality


  • News format app is best suited to people who don’t want to watch news through TV channels or newspapers.
  • Download this app and streamline videos according to your interest.
  • Watch news from all around the globe in a new way.

Install (Android, iPhone)

4. Orbulus

This is again one of the best apps for smartphone users in the virtual world. It tells people about how real places can actually be without going physically to that place.

Orbulus, for Cardboard VR


  • Most of the tourist follow Photo sphere technology and compile photos to display through this app.
  • View lesser seen photos
  • Simply relax, view, and share so that other viewers can check and get the same thrill of viewing almost real-like photos from a completely different angle.

Install (Android, iPhone)

5. RYOT app

A Perfect app to watch documentaries. It lays emphasis on the serious issues that depicts the darker side of the world like riots, earthquakes, and much more.

This ever growing app contains 360 different videos and this number is expected to grow in the coming months.



  • View amazing documentaries of areas lesser known.
  • This app takes you across the globe where you can see people of different cultures and religions.
  • Every piece of information would encourage you to rethink the basic things in life.

Install (Android, iPhone)

6. Fractal Combat X App

Fractal Combat app comes loaded with powerful flight games with ultimate 3D graphics. It also offers great support to Virtual Reality world as well.

This game is gaining popularity and most of the users who have played and used this app seem to be happy with it.

Gear apps also have many exciting game apps and skylight is one among them. So, if you like to play VR games then you should check it out.

 Fractal Combat X

Features of this app:

  • Ultimate graphics
  • Top-quality picture resolution
  • An action game that is power-packed with exciting flight games.
  • Supports Google Cardboard

Install (Android, iPhone)

7. Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story

This app works with a mobile viewer. 360 degree audio and video effects turning around your eyes would scare you in one or the other way.

The entire story revolves around a child killer who tries to threaten kids and create a horrifying environment.

Sisters A Virtual Reality Ghost Story


  • Short and scary app
  • Easy to pick and playing the app would surely scare you.
  • If you are weak at heart, it is advised not to use this app.
  • Horrifying and stunning events would never let you take your eyes off it.

Install (Android, iPhone)

8. Within

If you are into making documentaries, then you would certainly find this app fascinating. Watch virtual world from the complex eyes of virtual world creators. Watch immersive content from various genres.



  • Explore different musical videos, funny videos, serious videos, and much more.
  • One of the best ways to deliver films to the masses.
  • This is an evolutionary app that would give filmmakers a chance to express their films’ concept in a different way.

Install (Android, iPhone)

9. YouTube VR

YouTube virtual app is very popular among the video lovers. This app is basically famous for giving 360 degrees videos depicting the real world virtually.

Watch streamlined videos, news, games, and many more entertaining channels. This is one of the best vr/virtual reality apps for android and iphone does not have it as of now.

YouTube VR


  • See the latest video from the channels subscribed
  • Maintains account tab to look for videos that you watched recently.
  • Like, comment, and share videos that you see so that others can also enjoy.
  • Use filters if you want to edit your video or upload your latest videos.

Install (Android)

10. Incell App

This app is a perfect combination of gaming and educational app. The gaming part of this app involves a race in a very colorful environment.

The educational side of this app comes when you fly through human cells and see a completely different virtual world.

InCell VR (Cardboard)


  • Intense game that integrates science as well.
  • Although this app mainly focuses on the virtual reality but gaming part of this app is worth mentioning.
  • A unique app to test features provided by Google’s cardboard.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Wrapping Up

You can browse and find thousands of immersive technology apps in the app stores. We have gone through the research on the subject matter and come up with the best list of VR apps for both android and iphone.

Not only these but also, apps made for gear vr can take your virtual reality experience to new level.

Hope, you find this information useful and consider it while downloading apps on your iPhone or Android devices.

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