7 Best and Top Shopping Apps Like Wish

Shopping at times can be hectic and can consume your entire day while draining all your energy. and apps like wish did come to your rescue.

Now-a-days a lot of websites, apps, e-commerce sites, and many other portals are available that allow you to shop items easily and more conveniently.

Wish is undoubtedly one of the most popular online shopping apps where you can shop items from the wholesalers on the Chinese market.

Why look out for apps like Wish?

Wish has a lot of pros, but it also has a lot of cons. If you have already used the app, you might have noticed a lot of fashion centric stuff, high prices, higher chances of dealing with fraud sellers and many more.

Keeping all the above mentioned cons in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 best shopping apps like Wish that can take care of your needs and give you an overall shopping satisfaction.

Shopping apps like wish:

1. AliExpress

AliExpress, one of the fastest growing shopping app provides buyers with a diverse range of products.

This mobile-friendly app is so easy to use that you can easily place your order of items even while traveling or moving from one place to another.

Basically, the app is one amongst the different parts of Alibaba Group.

Buying products from this site is worth as it claims to offer one of the best rates in the online marketplace.

This app has become so popular just like Wish that it can now be seen in 200 different countries.

You can buy anything ranging from clothes, accessories, electronic items, to automobiles stuff.

This site is maintained and updated on a weekly basis so you can expect to get new items after every 7 days.


Install (Android, Iphone, Ipad)

2. Banggood

This app has become one of the favorite shopping apps overtime by offering products right from basic daily items to entertainment stuff.

They have an amazon like logo and their latest offers are displayed on the front page. You can place your order in advance so that items can be delivered on the scheduled day.

One good this about this app is that it autodetects your geo-location and shows you the site and rates in that currency.

The site supports 8 languages and has mobile friendly apps for both android and IOS users.


Install (Android, IOS)

3. Fab

This is most probably one of the most talked about apps just like Zulily app for shopping.

You might have seen commercials of Fab.com on TVs & throughout the internet.

This site has been in this game and is an active player from many years and has been successful in offering quality products at reasonable rates.

If you are a shopaholic, then Fab is a must have app on your phone.

This company faced some downtime in the year 2013 and after recovering from that period, this online shopping giant has recovered from the ashes.

Sign up now and get this hottest app on your mobile.


Install (Android, IOS)

4. Geek

This is another app that made it to this list of alternatives to Wish.

One of the popular and affordable apps that offers huge discounts of upto 50% to 70% on many items.

This shopping app provides items like watches, accessories of phones and automobiles, headphones, and many other electronic items.

Wish app no doubt provides more items like clothes, fashion accessories, etc. but this app is centered more around the theme of electronics.


Install (Android, IOS)

5. Overstock

This app is similar to Wish and if you want to have an outstanding shopping experience then this is a perfect destination for you.

This mobile-friendly app offers discounts of up to 70% and even more than that on certain products.

Overstock app offers great deals, offers, and discounts on a daily basis so you can really expect to enjoy a budget-friendly shopping.

After coupons, buyers can buy quality items at really reasonable rates. You get an option to buy products related to your home, accessories, and much more.

Download this app on your mobile and easily place your order for the items of your daily need.

overstockInstall (Android, IOS)

6. Wanelo Shopping

This popular app from San Francisco started in the year 2012 and has gained significant user count since then.

This online shopping app works with the motive of “Want. Need. Love” which is significant from the name of the app.

The plus point of this app is that you can check how other buyers feel about the product through this app.

So, in short, we can say that this app is simple, yet transparent app where you can easily buy items of your need. Wanelo is a completely free app with an easy to use interface.

So, if you want to have a unique online shopping experience, give this app a try.


Install (Android, IOS)

7. Zulily

This is one of the best mobile apps for easy online shopping. Zulily is almost similar to wish because it gives buyers the opportunity to buy new products on a daily basis.

This site is similar to other sites and hence offer quality products but at minimal rates.

This site has one good point that helps it connect with the social media audience and hence encourages more people to buy products.

Shopping through Zulily app is easy and even a beginner can easily shop and buy the items by going through the instruction that is flashed on the screen from time to time.

You can buy items from a diversified range of fields. Sign up on Zulily site for free and have an ultimate shopping experience.


Install (Android, IOS)

Wrapping up

Above are the 7 popular and alternative shopping apps like wish that gives users’ an amazing online shopping experience.

If you are looking for a cheaper option and want to buy used stuff then apps like offer up are best.

If you are looking for apps similar to that of Wish, consider this list of priority and find the best app for your ultimate shopping.


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