7+1 Best Kodi TV add-ons

Kodi is a very powerful online media streaming software which lets users watch any streaming online channel for free.

It is fast becoming the go-to player for most people due to its vast array of features and free of cost service.

There are many add-ons which let users stream Live TV on their device.

Kodi TV Addons for live TV

1. Exodus

Exodus Kodi

The best add on by a large margin, Exodus has been in service for a long time and in that time it has become one of the best add-ons to watch live TV on.

Made by Lambda this add-on came out a few years ago and since then has been the go to add-on for every Kodi user.

Based on the Genesis add-on, Exodus came out when the creator of that add-on wanted a new add-on to replace the old one.

The look and feel of the add-on is similar to theta of Genesis with clean UI elements and easy to use interface.

With the help of Trakt account it can even keep track of the movies and TV shows that a person watches and then the person gets notifications when a new movie or episode is out.

Learn how to install exodus on Kodi if you already do not know.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix addon

This add-on was launched in 2014 and since then it has gone on to become one of the most loved and used add-ons on Kodi.

With a very clean UI, this add-on manages to look apart from the rest.

The biggest feature of this add-on is the addition of section that has movies and TV shows arranged according to different mood or the actors present in it. This way it is very easy to find movie and TV series that the user likes.

Sections such as Valhalla make watching live TV on Kodi a breeze and is often updated to get the best shows possible.

3. Specto Fork

Specto Fork

Basically developed over Genesis, this add-on tries to remove all the bad things about Genesis and make it better for the users.

It has many sections that differentiate content based on the preference of the user.

The user interface is modern without looking complex and should be very easy to use by anyone who knows a thing or two about Kodi.

It has a favorite folder as well that allows the user to quickly save and find the favorite programs.

4. Navi-X


One of the oldest add-ons on Kodi. TV addon, Navi-X has millions of users throughout the world making it one of the best as well.

It gives suggestions based on the popular shows that have come in the last 24 hour or in the last week. This is very helpful for those people who don’t know what to watch next. Besides that it also offers live TV from around the world such as Sports, News etc. it can be also used to watch latest Hollywood movies and listen to music.

It has the option to mark shows that you like as favorite so as to make it easier to find later.

5. Zen


This add-on is very similar to Exodus and hence is very good as well.

It has a very friendly user interface that makes finding movies and shows on this add-on a breeze.

There are options to make favorite as well that help the user keep track of their favorite show and watch it when it comes out.

This add-on is able to stream TV shows such as Football matches, F1, and other sports shows as well as TV series that are aired on TV.

It also offers a list of servers to choose from in order to watch the shows. Installing this tv addons on kodi is similar to installing any other addon.

6. BOB Unrestricted

BOB Unrestricted

This add-on was created by the same team that created Phoenix so it looks and feels like that add-on but manages to differentiate from that in some ways.

There is a wide range of content available on this add-on such as TV shows, sports, music, and movies.

The interface is really intuitive and don’t take many clicks to reach the destination.

The user is provided with a list of servers to choose from in order to watch something on this add-on.

Showing funny messages while the stream starts is another fine touch that the creators have given this add-on which makes it feel better than the others.

7. Vdubt25


This add-on is very basic and plain to look at but is a very powerful add-on from the inside.

It offers a very wide variety of shows and lives content to choose from.

There is a specific list which shows country based shows so that the user could have ease in finding the right show.

Channels such as Ireland live TV and UK live TV offer country based content for the user to watch.

There is a category for kids as well which shows kid friendly content.

8. SportsDevil

SportsDevil addon

There are many football fans around the world who are not able to watch their favorite teams match due to a lack of channels on the TV. This is where SportsDevil comes into the picture.

This add-on streams a wide variety of sports channels covering sports such as Football, basketball, F1, cricket and many more.

This is the best add-on for watching any live sports event. It is not to say however that it’s not good for streaming other types of shows. It is equally good for streaming news channels and other channels.

The only downside of this add-on is that sometimes it starts to lag when there is too much of traffic on the servers.


The above 8 kodi TV addons are the best in the business and one could hardly go wrong with any of these.

These add-ons satisfy the needs of most users and are becoming better and better as time passes.

The interface is, however, a personal choice and so users might find some internet better than the others.

Use these add-ons and see what works best for you. If you are a fan of watching movies then these kodi movie addons are recommended.


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