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Media consumption is at an all-time high today with creators making quality content for the viewers to watch.

With ever increasing number of movies and TV shows, the number of media players is also increasing.

Kodi is one such media player that has taken the media streaming platform by storm with a host of features that are unavailable in other such players.

This player is open source that means anyone can use it on their personal device be it Windows, mac, android or any other operating systems.

The player comes with default user interface which is called Estuary and Estouchy.

The user interface which is more commonly called Skins can also be changed as per the liking of the user.

There are many skins available to choose from, giving different look to different devices that it runs on.

Below is a list of the 8 best skins for Kodi available right now.

1. Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox

This is the most recommended skin for Kodi after the default skin. This skin is very lightweight which doesn’t strain the device on which it is running on and that is its biggest advantage over the others.

It is very well made and the creators of this skin have kept a very good equilibrium between the beautiful look and the ease of usage of this skin.

There are a plethora of customization options available in this skin such as changing the way libraries look, adding custom menus, changing the background and much more.


2. Amber


Simplicity goes a very long way and this is even truer in the way skins are made and used.

Amber which is a very simple looking skin is one of the most used among many.

Devoid of bloatware this skin runs very smoothly and provides the user with the peace of mind very few could offer.

The highlight of this skin is the ability to customize the home self in both the ways either vertically or horizontally.

Features such as custom background, home self, and home menu make it one of the best skins out there.


3. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova

Another XBMC skin with lots of customizations, Black Glass Nova offers ease of usage as its main selling point.

It comes with a host of features that make it one of the best in the business.

Features such as artwork downloader, customizable home items etc. make it a very good option for people looking for a stable and effective skin.


4. Mimic


Developed by BrayanBrazil this skin is primarily made for the large screen, be it TVs or tablets.

The skin offers great visibility and ease of usage. This skin has TV shows logos which is often missing from other skins of this kind.

Users can also change the background as per their liking.

This skin is for people who want to lay back and enjoy some quality content on their large screen TV without being stuck in the user interface of the software.


5. Eminence


Eminence is so good looking that even a lack of features can’t hold it back from being included in this list.

If the user’s priority are looks then this gets the job done pretty well.

There are many options to choose from as far as the lighting is concerned with light as well as dark version also available for this skin.

The home screen shows stats like weather and time and all the movies or songs as per the folder currently open.

This is the most modern looking skin in the list and it makes up for the lack of its functionality by its looks.

Being said that, it’s not lagging behind in terms of customization as well. It lets users change the background and move the menus as per their preference.


6. Titan


At number 6 we have Titan. Created by Marcel van der Veldt, Titan offers greater customizability than any other skin around.

It has some of the best visuals found on any of the skins. Being light it also runs very smooth and is snappy for the most part.

With customizable home screen layouts and themes, Titan offers cleaner interface with a snappy performance which is always a welcome characteristic of any skin.

This skin also has a very dedicated developer community that sorts out every problem in the skin and also brings out the better versions from time to time.


7. Refocus


This skin is the most graphics intense in this list.

It looks very good to use and is also fairly stable for the amount of graphics it pushes through.

The design is really balanced which further improves the user experience of the person using it.

Customizations include artwork downloader, home self-customizations, skins widgets and much more.

The only problem with this skin is that it sometimes crashes on less powerful devices which is a shame really because it looks great and has some very nice customization options to choose from.


8. Nebula


Last but not the least, Nebula holds its own place when it comes to the looks and feels of a skin.

Primarily meant for TVs, this skin can also be used on small devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Available in two flavors, this skin can be used in light theme when the surrounding light is high and can be switched to the dark theme when the surrounding light is very dark.

Customizations include Live TV support, fan-art downloader, Touch support and much more.

People looking for a powerful and beautiful theme should consider Nebula before trying anything else.



The above list shows the 8 best Kodi skins at the moment, there are however many more latest skins from kodi that can be downloaded and installed for a different look of the device.

Any of the above skins could get the job done pretty well, so be assured and try for yourself.

With many people joining every day the developer community is expected to grow even more which could bring even more skins to be downloaded.

For now, these are the best skins that the developer community has to offer for the Kodi media player.


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