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Kodi also known as the XBMC is slowly becoming part and parcel of all the people depending on the internet for their movie and other media needs.

Ever since they parted ways with Xbox and made it open source, the developer’s community came forward to improve it by developing add-ons for it.

In this article, the best Kodi addons for movies are listed.

Before going further, a point to note is that you might need a few repository accounts to enjoy the best of a few add-ons and most of them are free so there is nothing to worry about.


Best kodi movie addons


Salts Kodi Addon

Hands down – this is the best addon for watching movies on kodi at the moment. The reason is in the name itself, too evident, Stream From All The Sources – SALTS.

This add-on, scouts the entire internet for all the sources available and hence, you are least likely to not get what you wanted.

This addon depends on various sources to keep the HD content ready for viewing pleasure.

SALTS addon requires an active account – it is free and totally worth the hassle.

2. Plex


What is better than an official addon? Plex is the official addon from team Kodi and the reason for it being super awesome is that it has been developed by the top developers who developed other good addons.

The interface and the usability are too smooth and the DLNA support acts as the icing on the cake.

Media content can be streamed anywhere and even sent anywhere on planet Earth.

With a plethora of settings options to choose from, it is customizable according to your wish.


3. Exodus

Exodus Kodi

The sequel to Genesis, a fan favorite addon that ruled the Kodi universe for years, is here.

Exodus lives up to its expectations and even exceeded in some areas after the hype created by the Genesis fans.

Like SALTS, the Exodus accesses multiple sources to bring in movies and a trakt account sync would work wonders.

The feature that makes other addons jealous and sets the Exodus a class apart is the “search” feature which is lacking in many addons. It hosts a huge movie collection at a stunning 1080p resolution and can be viewed in a touch.

Learn How to install Exodus on Kodi

4. 1Channel

1Channel Addon

It would be a mistake if the classic Jedi of Kodi add ons had been left out in this list. Meet 1Channel, one among the earliest addons for watching movies for Kodi users.

It hosts a multitude of movies and the proof is that it has been banned by many countries. A simple virtual private network will help you bypass the ban if you are hell bent on using 1Channel.

It hosts both movies and TV series and hence it has been stealing quite many hearts ever since its arrival.

5. Phoenix

Phoenix addon

If you ever miss Mashup – the legendary addon that used to be the favorite addon among masses, here is the good news.

Phoenix is the successor of Mashup and it does justice to its predecessor. What sets apart Phoenix from the remaining horde of addons is the quality at which it delivers media content.

Razor sharp quality and the number of movies it displays for user viewing is amazing. But that is not all in this small piece of beauty. It even lets you fix the bit rate just in case you are using a poor network connection.

A full-fledged team of developers ensures that the addon never fails to impress its user.

6. Specto

Specto Fork

The internet community loves to share and that is the reason why torrents and even Kodi continues to exist.

There is no denying the fact that not everyone loves to stream movies because some love to download it and share with their friends and family. If you fall into the above category, there is an addon right for the cause.

Specto – the step-son of Exodus, allows downloading movies and even Trakt sync. Specto also provides library integration: a much-loved feature in a Kodi addon.

The Specto is just a revamp version of the Genesis, but the features state that it is more than a revamp, it is a re-incarnate with more power.

7. Popcorn Time

Pirate bay, Kickass, Yify. All these pin-point us in one direction: Torrents. Nothing can be better than streaming movies from torrents. Torrents are easy to find, sources are plenty and quite easily shared.

The famous desktop addon has taken up a Kodi form and hence bore the fruit, Popcorn time Kodi add-on.

Anime lovers would love it for its great collection of anime series and it eliminates the pain of shifting through multiple sources. Very simple addon yet it is loaded with features.

8. HEVC Video Club

Storage is always a problem for the movie lovers. Drop boxes and Mass storage devices can no longer accommodate the love for movies. So, people who download movies are extra cautious about space constraints while downloading HD movies.

HEVC Videos club comes to the rescue as the HEVC format takes up little space even on downloading an HD movie just under a Gigabyte. It is one of the few addons that also host 3D content.

9. Pubfilms


If you have a craze for old vintage movies, the Kodi community has you covered. The pub film addon, though hosts a wide range of movies, the speciality lies in the fact that it hosts the best quality of old movies.

10. Velocity


Blazetamer, a well-known name in Kodi community, who was also behind the development of Phoenix is the developer of this addon.

This addon is pretty decent and the likeliness of getting updates and the stability is very high.

Again, most of the content would be blocked so a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will come handy.


These are the best Kodi movie addons at the moment and please note that these addons are listed in no particular order. You may install whichever addon suits your needs and likes.

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