Best Kodi Box Fully Loaded/XBMC Media Streaming Box (Android)

Kodi is fast becoming the best streaming software in the world due to its free of cost usage and many features that it comes loaded with.

This software is an open source software which can be installed on a number of devices running different software.

Devices such as laptops, tablets, TV boxes etc. can be used to stream online content using Kodi.

There are many add-ons that improve the experience and make the software even more powerful to use.

These add-ons can be installed on the TV box from the app store or by side loading it by downloading from another third party source.

This however seems is not easy for people with less knowledge of technology.

What is a Fully loaded kodi Box?

The TV box that comes pre-installed with all the apps and add-ons that are needed to make Kodi experience better is generally referred to as a kodi box that is fully loaded.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the best Kodi box that fully loaded and are available in the market but before that let’s have a look at some factors that make a good fully loaded Kodi box.

1. Quality

For a Kodi box to be called the best, its quality needs to be top notch.

There are many such boxes that have malware installed and have a very bad build quality.

Quality with respect to the price of the device is one of the most important aspects of any electronic device.

It shows how much effort the company has put in the device.

2. Price

Another factor that differentiates a good product from a bad one is the pricing.

Higher priced devices are not always better. There are certain devices that charge $500 for a $100 product.

These TV boxes should be avoided at all costs.

3. Regular updates

This is again one of the most important aspects which is often overlooked while buying a device.

Firmware updates are what make an electronic device run better through a course of time as software becomes laggy and it needs new updates to run new services and features.

A good TV box should get regular firmware updates.

4. Good customer support

Last but not the least, any TV box needs to have a very good customer support.

Electronic devices could breakdown and so can a TV box. This is why it needs to have a very good customer support which is ready to eliminate the problems as soon as possible.

Element Ti8

Element Ti8 Android TV Box

1. Specs

So which is the TV box that ticks all the above boxes?

It’s Element Ti8!

This is a fully loaded android XBMC TV box that runs on a MINIX NEO U9-H chipset which is faster than what the competition has.

It also has 2 GB of RAM which is more than enough to run the device smoothly.

The internal storage is taken care by a 16GB chip that stores all the local files such as movies, audios, and apps. There is also an option to extend the storage of the device.

With the help of all these specs, this device is able to run 4k videos with no problems at all.

The Element Ti8 also produces some of the best audios with the help of DOLBY.

2. First impressions

Looks wise it’s a very compact device similar to a small Wi-Fi router.

The ports are on the back side as well as on the sides of the device. This makes it very easy to reach and also makes the device uncluttered when there are many devices connected to it.

It also comes with a remote which is really good but if the user doesn’t like it then other universal remotes can be used with the TV box as well.

This TV box looks really good and would be a nice addition to any home.

The thing that stands out when it is switched on is the user interface of the device.

The launches which come preinstalled on Ti8 is called the Element Ti Launcher. It runs on android 6.0 Marshmallow and is a treat to look at.

The layout is simple metro styled as in the windows 10. This way it’s easier to list different options and is meant for large screens.

3. E-Z Stream Updater

There are many apps and add-ons preinstalled into the device, however, due to certain restrictions in some parts of the world some add-ons are not installed. This is where the E-Z updater comes into the picture.

This is an app that lets the user download and install an app and add-on from the app store.

This is a boon for people who are looking for different features and services on their device.

This updater has another feature that is missing from most of the similar devices, which is its ability to check for system updates and install in its available.

This keeps the device always up to date and any software problems are eliminated by the company with a firmware update.

Once the updater is run it launches Kodi and all the add-ons are shown at the bottom of the screen.

4. Benchmarks

This device just flies through the tasks as shown by the benchmarks in many online tests.

Its streams at 45 frames per second whereas other devices could only do about 30.

It is AnTuTu benchmarks that it really shows its power. With a score of about 45000, this device is leaps and bounds faster than its competitors which translate into the real world tasks and activities.

Final verdict

There are many fully loaded TV boxes available in the market right now which can be used to run Kodi on.

Those boxes, however, don’t come with Kodi preinstalled and so the user needs to spend some time working on ways to download and install Kodi on the device.

This is where preinstalled TV boxes come as a savior to those who are just looking forwards to watching content on Kodi and don’t want to waste their time to play around with the software in order to install Kodi.

The Element Ti8 is the best full loaded Kodi Box for android at the moment as it offers a host of features at a very decent price. To buy this, you can check sites like amazon and Ebay.

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