13 Best Offline Games For Android

Most of the best android games are not offline and which are offline are not the best, but still we have managed to come up with 13 best offline games for android.

To keep oneself busy and kill some boredom, offline mobile games are the best saviors out there on the Google Play Store. If you are more into playing RPGs then we got you covered with some of the amazing offline 3d rpg games for android.

In this list, there are 13 offline games for android. This list is very carefully compiled and latest games are taken into consideration.

For a spoiler, the multiple awards winning game Temple Run series did not make it to this list.

Best Offline Android Games

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne

If one’s smartphone is well equipped with hardware and the user wishes to have some adrenaline rush, Asphalt 8 should be installed right away.

The Airborne part comes alive quite many times especially in the Naval Base arena and it has to be played for better understanding.

The licensed car list is ever expanding and it is for sure that Asphalt 8 should be the first preference for Racing and intense graphics gaming when best offline games are discussed.

Install (Android, iPhone)


Duet-Offline Games For Android

One might wonder what kind of a romantic game would be so interesting to make it to this list. It is the name given to a game where two balls steal the show.

Two balls and loads of patience are needed to swim through the levels and trust us when we say this – it is not as easy as it seems. Guiding the two through different obstacles is one tough job.

Install (Android, iPhone)



If one thinks Flappy bird was tough, Badlands is tougher than the toughest game out there. Maybe the word “challenging” would be more suitable.

Badlands offers a 2D spooky theme background that offers users unlimited fun offline. Strange occupants, spooky plants, and trees – all add up to the spookiness and challenge.

A local multiplayer game ensures that fun can be shared.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

The Offline mode in Mini Militia is currently the student fraternity’s saviour from boring classes and the answer to the Lecturers’ long-term doubt what students were doing in the last benches.

The option to try the pro version by watching ad videos is a master stroke from the developers.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Contract Killer 2


Jack Griffin that means you, in the sense, in the game one plays as Jack Griffin, is on a profession in what he does best – killing for money.

There are big shots all around the world and Jack Griffin is about to get them a spot in the history books in style. The graphics and storyline earns the game a spot on this list.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger

Anyone loves Zombies here? If your answer is no, then this game is for you. The hatred for zombies those thought the planet can be brought under the control, can be unleashed in this game and it feels awesome to see some blood splatter in high definition graphics.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Into The Dead

Into the dead

This game is not for the faint-hearted. This game is one of the few those can make the player jump and lean from the player’s seat, making it  a top offline game on this list.

The game features a running man who happens to be the player and continuously running from a wrecked helicopter in a field infested with zombies and collecting power-ups in the process.

The unique plot and the adrenaline rush the game can provide earned the game a spot on this list.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2

This game kindles the old memories of Mortal Kombat where 1 on 1 fight was the real fight. This game takes it a step ahead with a silhouette fighting game where the player fights numerous rivals in a tournament and also with some ancient weapons which are cool.

The fluid gameplay and the tournament mode are too interesting to leave this game out.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Cut the Rope

Cut the rope

If Angry Birds was the game that employed too much Physics and one needs something simpler, Cut the Rope is the solution.

Everything the player needs to have in mind is Sir Isaac Newton, or in simpler words, gravity.

Feeding a pet frog can never be so interesting than Cut the Rope. So, Physics lovers who also happen to own an android, this free offline game is for you.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassin’s creed Pirates

Game Ahoy! This is surprisingly offline for a game with a great storyline and perfect graphics.

Alonso Batel, a pirate by birth wants to find treasures, which is very typical for a pirate. But what is not – so – typical is that the game involves naval battles and interesting twists and turns.

The reason why the game is in this creamy layer list – play it and thank us later.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Stick Cricket Premier League

Let is shift our focus on the sports sector. There is this gem of a cricket game named stick cricket premier league which is a decent stick version of India’s premier league and the Australian league cricket.

The player gets to chase the target score. It varies with the bowlers in the team taken in auction and also the batting coaches.

It is so realistic to the point that the game even has a bookie to match fix. ;D

Install (Android, iPhone)

Dream League Soccer

Dream League soccer

This is one of the best free offline games for android for soccer lovers. The ultimate Fifa players on PS, are going to love this Google Play Store app.

Many might wonder why the alternatives and not the big names?

The sleek game size scored some brownie points for dream league soccer. The 3D replay mode and the skill moves included zoomed past this game by a very narrow margin.

Install (Android, iPhone)



At last a premium game makes its way after much consideration.

A 2D silhouette lost its sister (most probably another silhouette in the dark) in a forest full of demons, creepiness and scary vegetation.

The puzzle based obstacle run makes Limbo a great game to kill some boredom.

Install (Android, iPhone)


The games listed are subjective. Like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, one might consider other games better than ones in the list.

But this list of some offline games for android has been compiled after looking at every single aspect like minimum hardware and software requirements, graphics and even the supporting audio.

We hope the user has fun and finds the article helpful. If you have been looking to take your gaming experience to the next level then these 5 best offline 3D RPG Games for android users are a must try.

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