5 Best And Fastest Kodi/XBMC Streaming Boxes

Kodi is quickly becoming one of the best media software for media stream on different platforms all thanks to a huge list of functionality and customizability that it offers.

If you already have a kodi streaming box then you should try these skins for kodi and movie addons for kodi.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best Kodi streaming boxes that are available in the market right now.

1. Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV

Launched in 2015 the Nvidia Shield TV has come a long way since its early days of media streaming.

The 2017 model has become better in every aspect possible by becoming smaller in size but more powerful from inside.

Powered by the fast Tegra X1 processor, this device just flies through the menus and the content.

Being powerful it also manages the graphic intense skins better than most other devices could.

Running android, this device has support from google and has gotten Google assistant in its recent update that has turned the device into a smart home hub.

With the help of Google assistant, it can be controlled through voice and all the data could be accessed by simply saying, “Okay Google”.

With 3 GB of RAM, it can stream 4K videos with ease and don’t break a sweat in the process and this feature makes it one of the best box for streaming kodi.

Starting at $200 this is on the expensive side of the spectrum but given its performance and quality, it seems worth every penny.

2. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

One of the most popular devices at the moment Fire TV is a very good offering from Amazon which has recently shifted its focus on media consumption and creation business as well.

Coming in at just $100 this is one of the best streaming boxes available in the market that has blown away the competition with its snappy performance at a very reasonable price point.

Running on a 2GHz quad-core processor Amazon Fire TV is very fast and smooth. It runs graphic intense skins very easily and without any problems whatsoever.

If a person is on a tight budget then this device is the perfect choice for him as it offers most of the functionalities of Nvidia Shield TV for half of its price.

One thing however that the buyer must keep in mind that apps can only be downloaded from Amazon’s own marketplace which has most of the popular apps available but it’s not as big as the Google play store.

Kodi is in fact not available in the Amazon app store so it has to be side loaded in order to install on the device.

With this kodi box, you can also run android apps by downloading them from Google’s appstore, but this will need a manual installation.

This is a fairly easy process but people who don’t want to play and with the software should look somewhere else.

3. Cubox I2

Cubox I2

On most streaming devices Kodi has to be installed later after the purchase as most devices don’t come with Kodi preinstalled from the shop, however, Cubox is one such device on which Kodi is preinstalled and this makes it one of the best box for kodi streaming.

It is also very cheap, costing at around $90 which makes it a very good option to have. It is however not very powerful having

It is however not very powerful having just 1GHz processor which makes it run into problems when doing some graphic intense activities.

This device is not able to stream 4K videos as the processing power isn’t enough but it runs HD videos quite smoothly without having any problems.

If you want a no-nonsense player to run Kodi on which is also cheap then this device might be for you but spending a bit more could get you an Amazon Fire TV which is a better deal than Cubox I2.

4. H96 Pro Plus S912

H96 Pro Plus S912

The name is a mouthful, however, the device is quite simple in looks and gets the job done pretty well.

Running on 3GB RAM this device is powerful enough to get through most of the tasks. Wi-Fi is taken care by dual-band 802.11ac which gets it to fair speeds.

Bluetooth 4.1 is also available which can be used to pair audio devices and send files between different devices.

It also supports an SD card expansion which is a boon for people who like to transfer movies from one device to the other.

Two USB ports are also available for connecting multiple devices from the player.

The inclusion of Google Play store is one of the biggest advantages of this device as it opens doors for installing many other apps which can be downloaded and installed with ease on this device.

Basic apps are already installed on this so the user doesn’t have to start messing around with the device once it’s bought.

Having 3 GB of RAM and a powerful processor it can play 4K videos at 60fps with ease. Graphics-intense games like GTA run very smoothly on the H96 Pro Plus S912.

5. Raspberry Pi 3

Loved by developers all across the globe, the Raspberry Pi has become a very important device in the community as it provides computing capability with a very less amount of money.

This device is for people who like to code so installing Kodi on this is a bit of a hassle but still, people looking for some fun could try it out.

Powered by a 1.2 GHZ quad core processor this device is not very powerful but gets the job done.

It’s also not able to stream 4K videos which are not a deal breaker as 1080P is more than enough for most people.

People who have coding as a hobby should go and buy this device, rest should steer clear from the Raspberry Pi as it is not an easy device to play around with.

Costing around just $35 this device is the cheapest in its class and so perfect for people looking to learn on it.

Where to Buy A Kodi Streaming Box?

Kodi boxes can be bought from sites like Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy, Ali express and many such E-commerce stores and their cost varies among different retailers and the locations.


Media streaming players and devices have really changed how people consume content at home.

These devices have also brought upon the extinction of cable network with people choosing to go online and watch the content as they desire.

The competition for best kodi streaming boxes is increasing day by day and it is to be seen that who comes out on top with companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and many others trying to capture the living area of personal homes.

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