8 Best Alternative Apps Like Flipagram

Do you have a story to share in the online marketplace? Have you ever shared or connected yourself to the online world?

If yes, then you might have heard of Flipagram. If no, then let me introduce you to flipagram.

Flipagram is a well-known photo and video making tool that allows you to share your experiences in the form of stories with your friends, family, and even foes.

If you liked Flipagram, then you would definitely like other apps like Flipagram.

Let us have a look at some of the apps that are just like Flipagram.

Top Flipagram Alternatives:

1. PicFlow

If you want to create your music slideshow, then this app PicFlow, would help you to mix music and photos in order to create a perfect musical slideshow.

The best part about this app is that it allows users to create their memories their way.

The user gets full control over the pictures and music so he or she can create a slideshow of their own.



  • This app allows users to set the slideshow timings so that he or she can control the photo display timings and music timings as well.
  • Moreover, it also allows the users to use to photos directly from the camera.
  • The users are allowed to use the photos stored on their phones as well.

This app is compatible with IOS and Android devices only.

Install (Android, iPhone)

2. InstaShot

This app is almost similar to the first one but additionally, you get an option to share your music slideshow with your friends or people connected through social media networking sites like Instagram.



  • No need to format or crop the slideshow.
  • Just create your musical slideshow and share on your profile page.
  • This app allows users to create one of the best slideshows by adding text messages, videos, and pictures of their own.
  • This app is best suited for people who want to create dubsmash videos.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices only.

Install (Android, iPhone)

3. Slideshow Maker

As the name itself suggests, Slideshow Maker is an app that works similar to Flipagram and gives users’ an option to mix videos and music together in order to create a wonderful slideshow.

You can further use advanced tools for customizing your slideshow in order to make your musical videos better than the rest. This app is similar to flipagram.

Slideshow Maker


  • No limit to add photos, so users are given an option to insert as many images as they can.
  • Option to play the videos instantly.
  • Adding styles and other slide effects
  • Adding stickers
  • Adding different soundtracks
  • Adding text

This app also offers an option to use filters and is compatible only with Android devices.

Install (Android)

4. MakeMyMovie

This is an advanced slide making tool that allows you to create professional videos, almost similar to flipagram.

This app provides an option to directly add themes, pictures from the library or gallery of your smartphone.



  • Now you can select pictures, add music, themes, and share with your people online.
  • This app provides an option to use endless number of themes for creating a wonderful background.
  • You can add a unique title as well to the photo or videos you select.
  • Now the slideshow is ready and can be shared on the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices only.

Install (Android, iPhone)

5. MiniMovie

If you are looking for some free slideshow making tools, then MiniMovie is a perfect option for you. This is one among the many apps like flipagram.

The only feature that separates minimovie from flipagram is that the users of minimovie are also allowed to integrate a professional tool to create videos and slideshow.



  • Slides can be created either in portrait or landscape mode,
  • Option for face detection allows you to customize your pictures easily
  • Easy sharing on Social media platforms
  • Musical background option
  • A wide range of image selection of up to 100.

This app is compatible with Android devices only.

Install (Android)

6. VideoShow

VideoShow is a video making tool that allows users to create outstanding videos without any hassle.

There are no time constraints, so you can easily create short or long-duration videos.



  • This app contains almost all features that are required to make a brilliant video like unique text, musical background and many more.
  • Filters to enhance videos, and
  • Emoji to express your video’s content in a better way.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices only.

Install (Android, iPhone)

7. VideoFX Music Video Maker

As the name itself suggests, this app can be used to create special kinds of videos with some good video effects.

With VideoFx, you can create videos with more than 50 different effects. Besides this, you can also watch recorded movies.

VideoFX Music Video Maker


  • The best part of using this app is that it allows users to add cartoon and ghost effects and integrate videos in retro(reverse) style.
  • This is something very unique that would differentiate your videos from other people using one or the other platform for creating videos.
  • Has an auto pause option that can pause the video without you even having to touch your phone.
  • Its stop motion feature makes it unique on this list.
  • This app is the biggest rival of Flipagram.

This app is compatible with Windows and Android devices only.

Install (Android)

8. VivaVideo

This is one of the many free Video editing and slideshow making tools available on the app stores of android and IOS.



  • Create your video in a new style with its easy to use video editing interface.
  • Allows you to add photos, filters, music, animated stickers, text, fonts and many more things.
  • You get an option to create a video collage

This app is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices only.

Install (Android, iPhone)

9. Triller

Triller is a great alternative for flipagram and does not have watermarks like flipagram. You can add music to your videos and share them instantly with your group of friends.

This app has a unique shots feature which is not seen in many apps. This feature allows you take small video shots in different poses, places and filters and finally when you click on the triller logo, all these shots are combined into one video. Now you can add any music to it by using the music editor on triller itself.



  • Create music videos in great quality
  • Add instagram like filters by instantly choosing from a lot of filters.
  • Videos sharing with groups is enabled along with an auto edit feature.
  • You can customize the video with text, emojis and drawings as well.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices only.

Install (Android, iPhone)

Final words

Now that you are aware of the Top 8 apps that work similar to the app called Flipagram, it would be easier for you to find the best app that suits your needs and requirements.

You can download any of the apps that we just mentioned above by visiting the desired version of the app.

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