10 Best 10 Inch Tablets

Slowly but steadily, the landline phones are disappearing in our day to day lives owing to the increased responsibility we have thrust on “phones”.

Even after the smartphone era’s dawn, the landlines served the purpose of being the standby. And they were replaced by Tablets, in simple words, smartphones with huge screens.

Later the “phablets” came to play – a crossover between a phone and tablet.

Now, the trend is a Tablet with a great screen and stunning specifications, to flaunt it even in day to day use.

We have compiled a list of best 10 inch tablets.

Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4

The flagship Tablet from the Microsoft’s stable turned quite a few necks with its Magnesium unibody design.

The sheer brilliance lies with its Pixel dense display which is a breathtaking 2736 * 1824 pixel resolution display which is enough to sweep a techie off his / her feet.

4GB of RAM churns out raw power and the i5 processor handles the entire task like a walk in the park.

The minimum hard disk capacity has been increased to 128GB keeping in mind the data we would expect a Tablet of this stature to hold.

The con is that this is a 10 inch tablet with a keyboard but the keyboard has to be bought separately and the battery part could have been better.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro

Lenovo was also one of the forerunners in changing the face of Tablets in India.

The flexible design gave the edge in the “Yoga” series of Tablets and the market accepted it with wide arms.

The latest arrival is the Yoga Tablet 3 Pro which is no dud when it comes to performance and also in terms of aesthetics.

The 2GB of RAM and the Intel Atom processor laugh at resource consuming tasks and handle it very well. The 1600 * 2560 pixel IPS LCD screen is a delight to look at.

One thing that would come shocking as well as surprising is that the Yoga Tablet 3 Pro comes with a humongous 10200mAh battery that also supports Fast charging.

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2

It would be a mistake if the Apple’s flagship could not make it to a list that says “best”. From a company that used helicopter windshield technology in its phone screen, the iPad Air 2 is no slouch.

The lighter and slimmer body design makes it better ergonomic and at the same time, functional in eliminating unwanted fatigue.

The users have the option to choose from the 16GB or the 128GB variant. The App store is on par with Google Play.

Galaxy Tab S2

Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung is currently the fiercest competitor for Apple. The Tablet sports a 3GB RAM and 8 Mega Pixel primary camera.

The 1536 * 2048 pixel resolution is almost an eye candy. The 1.9 GHz processor handles even the most power and resource demanding applications with ease.

Running on Android Lollipop Operating system, it is worth the price tag hanging on it.

The latest versions support 4G LTE connectivity and the Tablet almost never heats up until heavy tasks like browsing and 3D gaming are done for prolonged periods.

HP Omni 10 Tablet

HP Omni 10 Tablet

HP is one of the fastest growing brand in Tablet sector and the perfect response to the competitors from HP’s shelves came in the form of Omni 10 Tablet.

Instead of going with the crowd and opting for Android, it comes with a 64 bit Windows 8 authentic software.

The processor is 1.4GHz Intel Atom which on Turbo boost mode clicks up to 2.4Ghz.

The 2GB RAM gels well with the processor and produces a buttery flow of events.

The 1920 * 1200 pixel resolution screen is neither too attractive nor too shabby.

Samsung Tab E

Samsung Tab E

Samsung has almost discovered the art of making reliable Tablets and the second Tablet from the Samsung brand is Samsung Tab E.

The conventional 1.5 GB RAM benchmark for Tablets is a bummer in paper but the practical day to day usage says otherwise.

It perfectly suits the user in day to day life and the 1280 * 800 pixel resolution is a heartbreaking sight provided the premium paid for it.

With 8GB of internal storage, Samsung also offers an SD card slot to further expand it – an option that is missing in lots of Tablets these days.

iBall X1 4G

Brace-X1 4G

Not quite the name a reader would expect in the same list which had Apple, HP, and Samsung, but the name has earned a spot on the list.

The happy news is that of all the Tablets listed, the iBall X1 4G is the only one that offers decent specifications coupled to VoLTE support.

Running on Android Marshmallow with a 7800mAh battery, this Tablet is the decent alternative to daily use tablets.

iBall slide X1 brace

iBall slide brace X1

The predecessor to the former Tablet, it holds up its sequel’s name pretty high. It offers dual SIM standby option and also a decent battery package of 7800mAh.

With 2GB RAM and a 16GB internal memory, this Tablet is by far a safe bet at a cheap price.

Running on Android Kit-Kat and using an ARM Cortex – A7 octa-core processor, the Tab is not a slouch.

Swipe Slate plus – 32GB variant

Swipe Slate plus – 32GB variant

The internal memory and the specifications it packs at a meager price tag are the reasons one will be too tempted to buy this product.

The 2GB RAM is a standard RAM and does all the basic functions of the Tablet with minimum heat production. Dual SIM support and a 6000mAh battery are also nice features to be had in a daily use Tablet.

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

Again, this Apple product is a cheaper variant of the early listed sibling which costs between $399 to $629.

One should not be fooled by the flimsy specification sheet it boasts – 1GB RAM and 1024 * 768 pixel resolution because it is more than enough for this Apple product to surf through the daily activities.


Though the list of 10 best 10 inch Tablets has been furnished, it depends on the user to choose wisely according to the needs and budget.

For instance, if a user wants classy looks and budget is not a problem, the Apple products are too tempting to resist while if a functional Tablet with no fancy works to be done is the need, then the remaining Tablets are worthy contenders.

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