Android lollipop tips and tricks

With Google rolling out android lollipop on various devices, we bring to you some of the tips and tricks that could help you operate your device in a smarter way and use your device to its fullest.

Check data usage:

Keeping a track of the data usage over internet have been made easy in this version. You can keep a record of this by selecting settings=>data usage. When you turn the mobile data on, you can set a one month cycle and measure the data usage in that particular duration. 

Accessing: Settings=>Data Usage

android-lollipop-data-usage                                              android-lollipop-data-usage

Guest mode:

This feature now helps you switch between users i.e. you will now be able to create new profile and switch among them. This also helps in maintaining privacy as the other user’s data will not be displayed when operating in other mode.

 Accessing: Settings=>Users 

android-lollipop-switch-userSearch in settings:

You can now search for a particular column or a particular setting in the settings panel. Quite time saving it is.



Add calendar events:

The events from Gmail automatically gets synchronized with your phone and get added to your calendar.

Face unlocking:

Face recognition is an added feature that can upgrade your security and keep your privacy unharmed.

 Accessing: Settings=>Security=>Smart Lock

The clock:

Not many notice this, but the clock changes its background. The clock in android L changes colour of the background depending on the time of the day.

android-lollipop-clock                                              android-lollipop-clock

Tap and go:

This feature helps transfer data from devices running android 4.1 and above versions to another device that is using android lollipop for the first time. This feature requires the old Android device to support NFC.

End call with power button:

Ending phone calls have been made easy with this feature. Now you can end calls by just pressing the power button.

 Accessing: Settings=>Accessibility=>Power Button Ends Call 

android-lollipop-end-call Tap to wake:

Wake up the screen by double tapping on it. This new feature does not require pressing the power button again and again to wake your phone from sleep mode.

Note: not all devices support this feature. Only selected hardware supports this feature. 


A detailed analysis of the battery can be accessed. It shows the time required for charging the phone upto 100%, which app drained how much of memory, how long will the charge in the phone last etc.

Ambient display:

Now you can view the notifications without reaching for the power button. This new feature of android L wakes the screen partially to display the notifications every time you pick the phone. 

Accessing: Settings=>Display=>Ambient Display


Surround sound:

This can help you improve your movie experience via Google Play Movies & TV. This mode should be enabled by going to Play Movies & TV=>settings=>enable surround sound.

Screen pinning:

This feature allows the admin to let other users access just the apps that he/she wants them to access. So they cannot open anything else other than what is pinned on the screen. 

Accessing: Settings=>Security=>Screen Pinning

 android-lollipop-screen-pinning                                      android-lollipop-screen-pinning

Cast screen:

If you have a chromecast dongle then you can make use of this application to its fullest. It usually transmits your phone screen to you TV via chromecast dongle. All you need to do is just swipe the screen down until you see the quick settings bar and then select chromecast. 

Accessing: Settings=>Display=>Cast Screen 

android-lollipop-cast-screenExpand Notifications:

Notifications generally appear in short forms concealing details, but when you pinch them, I mean when you use the zoom gesture, it expands, revealing more info.

Smart lock:

This feature allows you to skip the security process only if you are trusted by the device or set as trusted by the admin. This application can trust people, devices and places i.e. it has the option to set trusted devices, places and faces. So if you are trusted in any of the above fields by the phone, you can skip the security process. That means you can unlock your device via other devices. 

Accessing: Settings=>Security=>Smart Lock 

android-lollipop-smart-lockOpen “Google Now” from anywhere:

You can access Google now from anywhere, any window by just swiping the screen up from the bottom. 

Accessing: Just swipe the screen up from anywhere 

android-lollipop-google-nowMagnificent gestures:

This is another feature aimed to help the visually challenged people. This application can magnify the screen, now that includes the home screen, apps drawer, pages on the internet, etc. 

Accessing: Settings=>Accessibility 

android-lollipop-magnification-gesturesControl App Notifications:

This is a feature that can help you control your notifications from apps that are either private or irritating. This can help you hide sensitive notifications. 

Accessing: Settings=>Sound & Notification=>App Notifications

Here you can set you priorities.

android-lollipop-app-notificationsColor inversion:

This is designed to help people with color blindness operate the phone easily. People with colour blindness can alter the settings to suit their condition by going through following steps. 

Accessing: Settings=>Accessibility=>Color Inversion 

android-lollipop-colour-inversionFlappy bird, the Google version:

Yes, the android L comes with a preinstalled flappy birds game, but you won’t see the birds there so don’t try hunting for them. It is the Google’s version of flappy birds and has the android robot instead of the birds. In order to access it, you have to go to settings=>about phone=> android version. Tap on the android version and then a lollipop pops up. Just keep tapping on it and moving it to the side, you may succeed in accessing it.

Accessing: Settings=>About Phone=>Android Version

 android-lollipop-game                                            android-lollipop-game

Reduce Homescreen Icons:

Android by default adds icons to the homescreen. Now you can get rid of this by unchecking the “Add icon to home screen” option from the settings menu of play store. 

Accessing: Play Store=>Settings=>Add Icon To Home Screen


Now you don’t have to worry for interruptions while you’re busy with something. The DND option has 3 modes called NONE, PRIORITY, ALL. So none here is similar to silent mode, Priority only lets a few of the notifications to disturb you while all allows everything.

To access this, simply press the volume up or down button and this pops up. In the priority and none sections, you can also set the duration for which you want these modes to be active.

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