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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Get Tech Feed. My name is Shubham Agarwal and I am a student by profession and a blogger simultaneously. I am here to help people update their knowledge regarding technical stuff that is important but do not reach you all because of various blogging reasons. By this site I also aim at teaching you some new and cool tech hacks that are easy to perform.

Also I’ve created this blog to earn a few bucks to fund myself, so if you find any ads on the page please be generous enough to just visit the page they direct you to.

I started blogging with an intention to give it a try without thinking of anything else, but then was let down on seeing the initial ranking which was somewhere around 99L and the tough competition out there. Later on as I started putting up content and gaining a good rank, it boosted my self-confidence. Now I have just 10 posts on my blog and hold an Alexa rank of about 4L globally and about 30K in India. I feel that I did achieve something good and feel motivated to achieve the rest.

In case you wanna contact me, feel free to drop in you messages at [email protected] and your feedback would be appreciated. In case you want me to cover any particular topic in my next blog post, just mail me the topic and I shall revert back to you.

Thank you and do click on the ads if you see any.

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