All About Skully’s New AR 1 Multipurpose Helmet

Now here is some serious brain working behind protecting a biker’s brain and at the same time providing some awesome features that will make you love the Skully’s new AR-1 helmet even more.

Skully AR-1 Helmet

Skully’s AR-1 Helmet is surely one of the smartest helmets in the world and a truly value for money product. It comes in two colors i.e. matte black and gloss white and is available in S-XXL size. It has been valued at $1500 and is expected to be out by May.

Features of AR 1 Helmet:

  1. The helmet body is DOT/ECE certified.

  2. It has a GPS navigation via a Bluetooth connected to the cell phone.

  3. Music streaming is made available.

  4. Helmet to helmet communication can be done.

  5. It has a wide rear view angle camera so it acts as a rear view mirror also.

  6. Hands free calling.

  7. Voice control

  8. HUD

Skully's AR-1 Helmet Features

The rear view can be seen on the anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare electrochromic visor. If you are a gamer, then you will definitely love the helmet’s transparent HUD.  This HUD can help you view the road from a wider angle, and provides critical information like the signs on the signboards, crossings etc. Apart from this you can also get directions shown on this transparent display turn by turn even if you are not in the cell coverage area. Now this is possible because of the helmet’s ability to save maps. Traffic readings can also be seen via updating the navigation map from time to time.

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