8 Handpicked Tools To Securely Manage Your Passwords Online

Entering passwords online and remembering them is a tough job and so, in this post, we shall discuss some password managers that can securely manage your passwords online.

1. Google Chrome

Google chrome is an excellent tool that helps you store your passwords online in your account and also auto fills it where ever necessary. Though google is working on a technology to get rid of passwords completely, but till then this feature comes in handy and is far more secure when it comes to protecting your data online.

2. IE or Edge

Microsoft’s browsers can come handy when you want to have an alternative to google or are not using chrome or are a fan of Microsoft’s products. So, Microsoft isn’t far behind in providing its users some features that its competitors are providing.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is another big name in the digital world and can be trusted with your online security. So, Mozilla’s browser is also equally equipped with the password saving feature much like its competitors.

4. Clipperz

This is an open source web app that helps you store and access your data online from anywhere on earth. Not only this, but this is also a zero-knowledge web app, this means, even clipperz team does not know what you are storing and this is something new.

5. Keepass

This is a software that I’ve mentioned previously for its security and here you see it again for the same reason. This is also a free open source password manager that wants you to forget all the passwords and just remember one password and that is your master password to your keepass vault. Here, you have to store all your passwords in one place and lock it up and leave it in the hands of keepass’s AES and Two Fish Encryption security.

6. LastPass

This is another popular software known for its online password security. It has a basic plan that is free but you need to upgrade to premium plans in order to be able to sync the data over different devices.

7. DashLane

Dashlane is a free password manager that lets you sign in automatically and its pro version lets you to automatically backup and syncs your passwords across various devices.

8. Logmeonce

Logmeonce is a password manager that provides military-level encryption and also protects against keyloggers. Their premium plan is free while their professional and ultimate plans cost $1 and $3.25 per month respectively.

Shubham Agarwal

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