8 Best Alternative Apps Like Offer Up

Do you have any old or new things that you want to sell or buy in the online marketplace? If yes, then you might have heard of apps like Offer Up.  Offer up is an app that is basically used for posting classified ads online for free. You can buy or sell items of your needs and requirements by posting an ad here for free. This app also allows you to do a refined search and find the items that you are looking for. If you want to buy new items then wish is a great app and there are also many apps like wish that you can find online.

If you want to buy new items then wish is a great app and there are also many apps like wish that you can find online. It enhances your online experience and also gives you a variety of items to choose from.

Here is a quick up to date list of buying and selling Apps like Offer Up.


This app works similar to Offer Up. You can download this app for free and post your ads here.

The best part of using this app is that it uses your current location and allows you to find items near you. There are apps like Craigslist also for buying and selling, but then it lacks this nearby feature. So, apps like close5 come into play in such cases. as they show the results that are just a few miles away from the current location of the user.

Close5 Buy & Sell Locally

You just need to enter your location and you would get results that are closer to you.  If you are entering your location, you would get a list of items that are available in your area for buying or selling.


If you want to earn some money, use this app to sell your goods and items instead of offer up. Oodle is an online app that allows users to sell or buy goods locally in order to earn some money and make a living right from home.

Just like close5, this app also searches for the items that are closer to the user’s location. If you are a pet lover and wish to add a few more pets to your family then this app is a perfect choice for you. Buying and selling pets has been made a lot more easier via this app.


This app is just like the Offer Up and almost has the same number of users as offer up. The app is best known for its auto-fill ability that allows users to fill the ad form automatically so that it can be posted quickly on the web page.

letgo Buy & Sell Used Stuff

This app has the tendency to scan the image that you upload to your ad and after that, it fills the detailed information in order to grab the right customer at the right price.

Install (Android, iPhone)


Have you ever used any traditional classifieds ad service before? If yes, then you might be aware of how those systems used to be. This app is quite different from them and also offers better services.

VarageSale Buy. Sell. Local.

You just need to connect your Facebook account with this app. Through this app, sellers can check the authenticity of the advertisers. They can check if the ads are genuine or fake. This app is a great platform for all of those who are extra cautious when it comes to trusting such sites.

Install (Android, iPhone)

eBay Classifieds

Shocked, but true!!! eBay does have a classifieds ad section where buyers and sellers can post their ads for free.

You might have spent some time on buying items from eBay sites but do you know you can search and find the cheapest items from your nearest stores via eBay as well.

eBay Classifieds offer up Alternative

This idea of posting classified ads never stuck your mind while searching for items.

This eBay Classifieds app has an auto-location detection option that automatically detects user’s location and displays the results that are closer to the user.

You can use this app to sell your items and goods locally as well. This is quite a great feature of eBay that sets it above the rest.

Install (Android, iPhone)


Have you used eBay, Craigslist, Offer Up like sites? If yes, then you would definitely find this app useful and different from them.

This app allows users to sell their items for free. If you are a buyer, you just need to pay for the shipping cost and nothing more than that. This app also gives credit points that can be later on used to buy more things.

Yerdle alternative of offerup

More items you sell through this app, the more benefits you get. Just swap the goods and enjoy free selling and buying using this simple app right from your mobile device.


This app is similar to the app that we just discussed above. It also works as the best alternative to offer up.

This app allows users to post their items for free. They are given an option to sell the items without any extra charges. Just pay the shipping cost and your items would be bought or sold at no additional cost. Just a simple swap scheme, where a considerable amount of your money can be saved.

Listia Buy. Sell. Free Stuff

This app is one of the popular product swapping apps that saves money and reduces those items from your home that are unnecessarily occupying your home space.

Install (Android, iPhone)


This app is a mix of classified ad posting and social media marketing. Have you ever used social networking channels to sell your goods and service? This app is almost similar to offer up except for the fact that it defines the selling type of the items that would be sold or brought here.

SocialSell Buy & Sell Locally

SocialSell gives its users an option to follow their favorite sellers, and contact them via platforms like Facebook. This app inculcates social media and so you don’t have to actually integrate your ads with the social networking channels.

Install (iPhone)

Latest apps like offerup for buying and selling:




5miles LLC






Above we have mentioned some apps like letgo and offerup. You can try downloading these apps and check which among them is the best app like offerup that suits your needs and requirements. The best part of using these websites like offerup is that they can be used to post free classified ads and the user can save a considerable amount of money on posting paid ads.

All of these apps allow users to find the things that they need. So, save your hard earned money by buying and selling goods and services via these platforms.

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