8 Amazing Apps To Deal With Loneliness

This article is for all those who are looking for apps for loneliness and want to overcome loneliness.

Loneliness if not dealt with properly can lead to depression and a lot of other medical stuff which I won’t be discussing in this article. 😀

So, let’s jump directly into the list without wasting much of your time.

1. WhatsApp:

I feel that the only cure for loneliness is to have people around you, especially your loved ones.

So, WhatsApp does a pretty good job at curing your loneliness. It connects your with your loved ones and helps you share a variety of information in various formats like photos, Gif’s and Videos. Also, you can have a Video chat or create groups and have group discussions. 😛


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2. 9Gag:

This app is a lot lively than any other app that I’ve tried. Here, you get to see a lot of people who have loads and loads of conversations on posts.

If you have something good to share then, you can also share it here. And if you make it to hot then do a happy dance. 🙂

So, if you are looking for some fun, then this is a good place for you to visit.


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3. Color Switch:

Color switch is a game that you can play in your spare time or whenever you are alone waiting for someone.

It needs a lot of concentration and so you shall have your mind diverted from your loneliness. It is simple to understand and easy to play.

All you need to do is tap the screen and control the ball while crossing some hurdles on the way.


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4. Tinder:

Tinder is an online dating app that allows you to find people in your area. You have the freedom to choose the gender of the person you’d like to date or get to know.

You need to upgrade to Tinder boost to be able to connect with people from different countries or places.


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5. Bookmyshow:

This app shows you all the events in your selected location and you can attend these events by booking the tickets through the app.

The app has different sections like movies, Videos, Sports, Events & Plays. Apart from this, there is a trending section where you can find all the trending things in their respective sections.


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6. Facebook:

You might be familiar with facebook. So, you can go to facebook and see what your friends are doing and chat with them and plan a hangout together.

Also, you can find some interesting stuff there and share your thoughts.


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7. Instagram:

This app is more like a treat to the eyes. All you need to do here is follow celebrities or your friends and see all the pictures that they share.

You can always contribute your own pics and videos whenever you want.


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8. Youtube:

Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing site. Here you can see almost all the videos for free. The videos range from basic teaching stuff to entertainment videos. It contains videos in almost all genres.

So, it is also a treat to the eyes and a good source to feel less lonely. Here you can also learn almost anything you wish to.



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Over to You:

The above-mentioned apps are my sincere attempts to help you deal with loneliness. So, if I’ve missed out anything, feel free to mention it in the comments below.


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