7 Surprisingly Useful Apps For Grandparents

Oldage can be boring if you do not have the right things needed to enjoy life.

Grandparents can find some entertainment with these apps that are designed for grandparents as well.

So, all the grandparents who feel left out and old can now include some fun in their life with these fun apps that I’m going to reveal in this article Apps for grandparents.

1. 9Gag: (Thank me later) 😀 🙂

The reason I put this app first is because it is the best app that is above all in terms of quality of life.

This app has a lot of hyperactive people trying to make it to the hot section. Some do and some don’t. 😀

This app can make your day if you are having a bad day and in case you feel lonely, feel free to join and talk with other people who are in the same category as you but are of different ages.


Install (Android, iPhone)

2. MedCoach: (Medical App)

After you’ve felt young again with the above app, you need to return to the reality that you are old and so this app is to take care of your medical schedule.

It can also refill your finished medicines by connecting with your pharmacy without you having to leave the house.


Install (AndroidiPhone)

3. Evernote: (Notes Keeping App)

This is an amazing app that helps you write down things that you might forget due to your oldage.

Other features of Evernote:

>>Set reminders

>>Make personal checklist

>>Save things from sites that you browse and read it later on

>>Access all your saved files over many different devices with an internet connection


Install (Android, iPhone)

4. YouTube: (Allround Entertainment App)

You probably might have heard of this app. It can be used for entertainment or learning anything new and it’s absolutely free.

Here you can also get some of the trending videos in the industry of your choice like music, movies etc.

It also allows you to download your favorite songs or videos for offline use. 


Install (AndroidiPhone)

5. Lynda: (learning App)

They say it’s never too late to follow your passions so I feel like including this app in this list. Here you can learn almost anything from programming to playing the guitar. 

If you did not find time to learn what you wanted to or are having a tough time then this is a perfect app to learn something new and earn or enjoy.


Install (AndroidiPhone)

6. Whatsapp: (Connecting with People App)

This app lets you connect with your near and dear ones who live away from you and is free to use.

Other apps that you can use for this purpose are skype and messenger.

Both of these apps allows you to also have a video chat with your relatives or friends besides providing the features like that of WhatsApp.


Install (AndroidiPhone)

7. GrubHub: (Online Food Ordering App)

GrubHub is an online food ordering app that makes it convenient for you to order food from over 40000 restaurants.

They deliver the food at your doorsteps and accept payments via cash, credit card, Paypal and even Android cash.

Apart from this you can track your order and see the reviews and ratings of restaurants.


Install (Android ,iPhone)

So I hope these apps for grandparents are of some help to you all and yes, now you can thank me! 😀 Share it if you liked this article.


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