7 Lesser Known Google Projects

1. The Evolution of the Web:


This project of google lets you keep a track of all the major developments in the field of technology. The name itself tells that it shows the evolution of the internet overtime.

2. Smarty Pins:

smarty pins


This is a maps game that helps you learn the earth’s geography and at the same time have fun doing it. In this you are asked a trivia question and are supposed to drop the pin on the right place, which is the answer to the question.

3. Google Trends Visualizer:

google trends analyzer

This project provides users with live feed of things happening worldwide and new things over the internet. It can also be downloaded as a screensaver in order to get real-time analysis.


4. Google Public Data Explorer:

public data explorer

This site helps you find out the metrics from government offices like the OECD, Eurostat, the census etc. This site allows you to share your data with other people only via a link. People willing to access the data will be directed to the page that has been linked and so data cannot be seen directly. Here you can just view the data online but downloading is prohibited.

5. Ingress:

This game by Niantic Labs is much like the smarty pins project of google as mentioned earlier but with a twist. It blends the real world with a smartphone game and in this you get to choose to join any one group from the Enlightened and the Resistant. The reality mobile game is available on android as well as ios.

6. Google Art Project:

google art project

This project enables users to have a HD view of the artworks on display at museums all around the world. This allows users to have a walk through the museum and browse thousands of arts currently at selected museums only. Google has opted for a second edition of this project with enhanced features.

7. Google Earth Flight Simulator:


google flight simulator

This feature was initially added to google earth as a hidden feature but later came to light with the demo of GEVision. This flight simulator, as the name itself suggests, gives you the opportunity to fly a plane in a place of your choice.

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