Apps Like Tinder: 8 Top Dating Apps Like Tinder For Hookups

Tinder, one of the most popular mobile dating apps is increasingly in demand.

When people are talking about dating apps, Tinder comes first to their mind. Do you know why?

The main reason behind the popularity of this app is that this app has given couples a chance to romance online and introduce silly games in order to find the true love for themselves.

So, here we present some apps like tinder to help you find your partner, but before that lets see why you need a tinder alternative.

Why Lookout For Apps Like Tinder?

Tinder undoubtedly is a leading app when it comes to dating and hookups, but it comes with some restrictions.

It does shows you only a few profiles and inorder to view more, you need to update. Besides, the constantly growing fame of Tinder has provoked developers to come up with more such creative dating apps that can act as best alternatives to it.

So now let us look at some of the dating apps, their uniqueness, and their effectiveness.

1. Coffee Meets Bagel!

Amazing app developed by three sisters who are constantly looking for developing apps that are easier to access. Coffee Meets Bagel dating app can be used live especially in the UK and assures to give the quality performance.

According to a recent survey, Coffee Meets Bagel app is more famous among the females than the males. That is why this app is the best mobile dating app for girls.

Coffee Meets Bagel

The developers of this app value user’s safety and promise to keep their personal information safe from any kind of theft.

Be ready to date on this slow-paced app that allows users to spend significant time on dating.

The dating speed of this app is slower than that of other apps like OK Cupid, Tinder, and Bumble.

So, if you are a frequent dating app user, then this app is not designed for you. If you have patience and sufficient time to date, then this app is a must have.

Install: Android, IOS

2. OK Cupid

OK Cupid, dating app is one of the hottest apps these days.

You can play and get entertained irrespective of your location. Whether you are in the UK, New York, Barcelona, Lisbon, this mobile dating app would never disappoint you.

This app comes loaded with features that are inherited from apps like Tinder.

Quick Match feature is one of the popular features that this app possesses in order to make it the app in demand in this mobile dating app world.


Install: Android, IOS

3. Happn

Happn-free works in a similar fashion to Tinder dating app. For liking someone, you can press the heart icon and if the other person doesn’t respond, then the offer would be rejected.

Happn – Free

This app gives you an option to chat with friends or strangers that you just saw on your street.

Install: Android, IOS

4. Bristlr

Bristlr, dating app to find men with beards. The only requirement of this dating app is that if you are downloading this app and you are a Man, then you must be having a beard.

The main highlight of this dating app is that it doesn’t ask you for your marital status but it asks if you are bearded or not.

Girls can find bearded men who can make you go weak in the knees and make a perfect companion.

So, if you maintain a beard or want to date people having a beard, then make sure you don’t miss downloading this app for complete fun and entertainment.


Install: Android, IOS

5. Hinge (The Relationship App)

This app is best known as anti to Tinder app. This is more of a reserved app that helps you to connect with friends, your friends’ friends, and other people connected to them.

This app not only targets your friends but also attacks your Facebook account so that we can connect with more people in real-time. So, you don’t have to take the unnecessary pain of meeting people in public.

You can enjoy mutual interactions with your friends and call them up for drinks and parties.


If you don’t want to just to play around, then this free app is a perfect platform for you.

The main aim of this app is relationship building. If you are one of those who believes in relationships in real-time, come and download this app to face the real world relations.

Install: IOS

6. Tastebuds Dating App

If you are a music lover and want to find people sharing the same interest, then this is the right dating app.

Tastebuds is the name we are talking about when it comes to downloading one of the best music dating apps. Just like other alternatives to Tinder app, Tastebuds app takes care of people with interest in music in view and connect similar people through this app.

This app searches data from your Facebook account so you can update your profile with music if you really want to get noticed.

Tastebuds dating app

Install: IOS

7. Clover

Another popular alternative to Tinder dating app that incorporates unique features of popular apps like Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Plenty Of Fish etc.

Through this app, you can raise real-time demands and date with your friends or partner with the on-demand date feature.

You can not only fix your dates but also find local events, parties, or any friends meet up event through this app.


This app comes with a search option that allows you to find the best match of your choice.  You get to have better chatting like never before experience.

Install: Android, IOS

8. Woo

This dating app specially designed for serious relationships has some of the unique features that would definitely drive the users crazy.

You can add intro of yourself to increase the chances of finding a date. If you want to listen to the intro of another person first, then this app allow you listen to others as well.

This app also has the Superlike option just like Tinder. Woo, has “crushes” option where you can send your messages to someone special and express your love.

There are features like searching people based on your interest, work profile, etc.


Install: Android, IOS

Hopefully, you’ll find this information useful and look out for more information about these dating apps while updating your phone with such apps.


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